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Guide to Solar Panel Installation

As more and more homes and businesses across the country go solar, it is about time that you took that leap of faith. If you are considering going solar, you might want to know what happens during solar panel installation. Whether you want to install the solar panels on your own or want to hire someone to help you out, this guide to solar panel installation will help you out. Learn above everything that you should expect by reading this post. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start the guide.

  1. Engineer Site Visit

Once you have signed the solar contract, an engineer will drop by your home to determine the electrical status of your property and to make sure that everything is fully compatible with the new energy system. The engineer would work with the installer. However, you could also hire an engineer to help you out. The condition of the roof will be evaluated during the site visit to determine if it has the right structure. The engineer would also evaluate the electrical panel to find out if it can support the solar panels or not. The engineer site visit is not the same as a general site visit where the installer checks the property for considering the shading, roof’s angle, roof type, and system size.

  1. Documents and Permits

Solar panel installation requires logistical paperwork such as documents and permits. Just like any other financial decision, it involves a ton of paperwork. However, the installer will deal with the paperwork. You can apply to many of the government’s incentives. These would also involve plenty of paperwork such as building permits. This step takes a lot of time.

  1. Choosing the Right Equipment

You will need to choose the inverters and panels and ensure that the installation goes according to the schedule. Once the proper paperwork has been set up, the installer would get the right equipment for installing the solar panels. The installer will recommend which inverter you should opt for. Make sure to do some research to ensure that you have made the right choice. Once the ordering of equipment is complete, the installer will start with the work.

  1. Solar Panel Installation

Finally, the solar panel installation will start. It is when the installer would prepare the roof and ensure that the titles have been properly attached to the roof. After this, the electrical wiring would be put in to connect the general power system with the electrical panel. Racking will be installed after that for supporting the panels. Then, the panels will be placed on the racking. Now, the inverters would be connected to start converting DC (direct current) energy to AC (alternating current) energy. It will take about one to three days for the installation.

  1. Interconnection

Now the only thing that is left is flipping the switch. A town government representative will inspect the system and provide approval before you can connect the solar panels.  Once the representative has completed the inspection and given approval, you can start using the solar panels.

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