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How to Get the Most from Your Employees

As an entrepreneur, maintaining a competitive advantage should be amongst your biggest priorities in today’s challenging business environment.  A productive team is one of the most essential tools you can leverage to stay ahead of your rivals and win over a huge share of the market.

For things to turn the way you expect, it is mandatory that you inspire your employees to be the best versions of themselves. So how can you become a great manager?  Here are three tips to help you get the best out of your team and take your business a notch higher.

  • Praise and Recognize Good Work

Ask employees about that one attribute they love most about their manager, and many will say effective praise and recognition.  Keep in mind the majority of employees do not have the time to recognize each other’s success.  By taking the initiative to recognize and appreciate any good work done, you will do wonders for the confidence levels of your employees.

Always be specific when recognizing your employees since they tend to have different personalities.  Whereas some see nothing wrong when praised in public, others might end up frowning on this.  So spend time understanding your team and come up with a good way to appreciate commendable work.

  • Help New Employees Adjust

It may take new employees close to two months before adjusting to their work environment. All this while, your company will have a deficit since they cannot be fully productive.  Rather than leaving everything to them, be sure to help new team members learn more about prospective clients, new markets, or even the products/services offered.

One way to go about this is by employing proper sales training techniques and improve their learning curve. Through this action, it is never going to take long before they understand your customer base, competition, and the approach to take.  This in turn enhances their efficiency thus becoming fully productive for the business.

  • Encourage Transparency and Feedback

Creating a culture of transparency and feedback at the workplace plays a vital role when it comes to raising employee confidence while creating a more positive and happy environment.  If employees interact freely with the manager and share what they think, they will be more engaged with your organization.


That’s why creating a healthy and strong culture in the workplace should be at the top of your list.  Ensure the workplace environment fosters positivity, employee growth, and high productivity levels.  This decreases employee turnover making it easy for your business to compete with others on a level playing field.

The Bottom Line

Bringing out the best in your team is easier said than done.  Without putting the right measures in place, your business risk falling down the pecking order due to poor employee performance.  Ensure the workplace environment is a place to thrive in and you will certainly make your employees more productive.  Remember, the simple things you choose to do can work wonders on their productivity levels.

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