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How to prepare the computer to switch to the Windows 10?

If you have problems with the transition to the new Windows 10, you will find these tips to help you make it painless.

Before you install a new operating system, take the time to prepare your computer for the upgrade.

Is it your computer powerful enough for the new Windows? In the most cases, the answer will be – yes. Windows 10 requires a minimal hardware configuration as well as Windows 7.

– Requires a minimum processor speed of 1GHz;

– 1GB of memory for 32-bit operating systems or 2 GB for 64-bit;

– Hard disk capacity of 16 GB (32bit) and 20 GB (64bit);

– Video card with a WDDM driver is compatible with DirectX application programming interface DirectX 9

Free up space on the hard disk

To switch to the new Windows you will need min 16 GB free space on hard disk. If you are not sure of the capacity of your hard disk, this information can be found by right-click on the C: / Option Properties, if you use a localized version of Windows.

Save your data to the cloud service or to an external device

Whether you are switching to Windows 10 or not, it’s always a good idea to “back up” your data. You can do this by one of cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Simply with left click on the mouse drag the documents, photos, and other files you want to save and the service will immediately begin the transfer.

Make a backup copy of the system (system image)

Windows 7 and 8.1 come with a tool that allows you to create a system image (backup everything that is on your computer). In the Control Panel, select “Back up your computer” in the section Systems and Security. Choose a location where you want to save this large file – external hard drive – for example, click “next” and confirm the “start back up”.

Update drivers

Whenever you install a new version of Windows, check that you are using a compatible driver. This will prevent problems of instability which occur as a result of incompatible software support for the hardware components.

Most hardware makers already offer drivers for Windows 10th.


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