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What To Know About Cpanel VPS?

Ever since cpanel VPS was first released, there has been a huge demand for it. The services include a graphical interface from which a portion of the server can be easily controlled. The tools provided by cPanel control panel help simplify website control as it can be difficult for beginners to manage the website. It allows end users and administrators to control different aspects of the website and server directly through the browser. Moreover, there are also 1-click app installs that are offered together with the cPanel VPS. This allows one to install over 125 apps on the VPS Hosting with just a click of a button.

The fastest and highest quality service is provided by Mono VM as it uses premium hardware that is located in world-class data centers. There are many uses of a VPS. These include web browsing, running VPN, keeping applications online, web hosting and the like. Every service is deployed within 15 minutes just after one makes a payment and it is processed by Mono VM. The company accepts payments in Bitcoin, normal money, web money, PayPal and other cryptocurrencies. There is no bandwidth limit on Mono VM VPS serves as all of the VPS services have unlimited bandwidth. Cent OS versions, Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions and Cloud Linux versions are supported by cPanel.


WHM/ Cpanel Services

With WHM/ cpanel, a lot of time and money are saved as tedious server management tasks are automated and streamlined.


User Accounts & Instant Registration

Virtual Private Servers can be turned into a scalable business opportunity using WHM. It allows you to manage and create user accounts. Register your domain in just a few minutes. There is no waiting around.


Why You Should Choose Cpanel VPS By Mono VM?

The on-demand configurations offered by cpanel VPS are truly secure and single tenant. Furthermore, it is backed by support with the help of a dedicated support team. There are many reasons why Mono VM is extremely popular. Some of the main benefits of choosing cpanel VPS by Mono VM are mentioned below.


No Setup Fee

The best thing about Mono VM is that all its infrastructure and server hardware is owned by them. It is due to this reason that clients do not have to pay extra since all of the cpanel servers have a built in virus scanner with many different security measures such as a firewall.


Upgradeable Plans

All of the VPS plans offered by Mono VM are upgradeable. Therefore, whenever one needed more resources, they can always upgrade their VPS depending on their needs.


Multiple Locations

The dedicated servers of Mono VM are hosted by the world class data centers in over 10 locations around the globe. Mono VM helps one decide which server is most convenient for users.


Superior Customer Support

Only the best support team is employed by Mono VM. It consists of professionals in hardware and software related problems. They help provide users with world class support.

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