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Is it Legal to Play Online Blackjack in Poland?

The gambling situation in Poland has been unclear for many years now. Since the early years when it became a reality in the country, the industry has gone through various ups and downs.

Among the forces behind that have been the gambling laws enacted by the government. Even though the casino operators had the free will of running their gambling businesses freely, it did not go beyond the 1960s.

That’s because the government’s interest in casinos increased, making it enact some gambling laws. It made the sector become less attractive for the investors who had plans. They thought that things would change in the long run, but only little has changed to date. 

We linked up with Klara Czerwinska (view profile) to elaborate on the legality of blackjack online gambling in Poland. 

Legal issues relating to gambling in Poland

If you have been closely following the history of gambling in Poland, you must have noted that the industry has gone through various tides. Among them is 1991 when there was a break up between  Poland and the USSR.

The Polish gambling market almost disappeared after being successful for years without strict legislation. But that led to the success you witness today in terms of the gambling laws establishments.

What happened aftermarket recovery?

Such laws continued expanding to streamline the sector. Fortunately, it recovered its market. After that, the country passed legislation in 2010 and believed that it would make its gambling market better.

Even though the new law still allowed gambling in the country, there were still stringent measures. Those who violated them risked facing dire consequences. But the 2010 legislation did last long before they were expanded a year later.

Other stringent anti-online gambling laws were put in place to impact the online gambling sector. There are 25 casinos in Poland despite the poker rooms being small, and neither of the regulations doesn’t spare live Poker.

Did the 2011 amendments have an impact?

The passage of the 2011 laws saw the gambling operations change tremendously. All the online gambling activities were defined as illegal except sports betting. That became a setback for the casino operators.

The gambling act has seen the sportsbooks operate under a licensing system. The gambling laws also regulated the number of gambling tables and machines required at any casino venue in the country’s territories.

State of online gambling in Poland

The state of online gambling has been unclear because of the rules that keep changing from time to time. The introduction of the 2010 gambling laws didn’t affect the state of online gambling. 

But, it didn’t last long when other enactments were made through the 2011 legislation. The laws pronounced online gambling activities illegal, sparing only sports betting activities. 

Also, only one casino got licensed to offer the gaming services needed then. The operators became subject to burdensome taxes that made them shy away from investing in the gambling sector. But offshore casinos remained stable and continued to offer igaming services. 

Is online blackjack legal in Poland?

Offshore casinos in Poland operate freely and offer gaming services to ardent gamers and you can enjoy black jack online. But that’s not the case with Polish online casinos. First, the polish online gambling space is under monopoly. Only one state-owned casino operates and offers gaming services.

That makes the gamers wonder whether it’s legal to play online casino blackjack in Poland or not. Blackjack is among the oldest games that shouldn’t miss on online casinos. That’s because of the thrilling experience the players get when playing it. 

As such, you may also want to play it. But you must be certain that you are not on the wrong side of the Polish gambling law.

Since it’s not clear about the legality of blackjack online gambling in Poland, we recommend you play on offshore casinos to avoid conflicting with the gambling authorities and the government.

As you can see, gambling laws make the gaming affair in Poland complicated. However, there are hopes that things will be better in the coming years. Don’t worry if you plan to invest in the polish gambling sector because everything is well taken care of. Ensure that you abide by the gambling laws.

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