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Microsoft silently changed the way of activating OS with the new Windows 10

Microsoft with its Windows 10 operating system was changed the way of business greatly, that they should be praised. The activation is no longer common and tiring. Everything is done automatically and “activation key” practically no longer exists. Then, all of the people, which in the first year, starting from July 29, 2015, switch to Windows 10, will not have to pay absolutely nothing and with it the installation is more pure, easier and automated … But there are some problems with the activation of all those who want to make a “clean” installation or “offline installation”.

So, perhaps the biggest change in this whole “Windows 10 story” refers to activation itself because it stores online, where he remains registered and in the reinstallation of the operating system, there is no need for reactivation and entering the serial number. Everything, in fact, is well known. But those who want the “clean” install, will not be so easy if they don’t know all the details. Because things have changed.

What if someone does not want Windows 10 over an existing operating system, but instead wants all new?

The solution is not to create an online upgrade of the operating system in the first step. Instead, with its legal and activated Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1 download Home or Pro Windows 10 version of the ISO, create a bootable USB flash drive without leaving your current version of Windows set the ISO to “mount” as a virtual DVD, and then click “Setup,” and turn off the internet. In front of you will appear a window with several options, one of which offers to keep all that you have, second offers to keep personal information only, and the third offers to erase everything. Choose third option. Then it will start installation and Windows 10 will normally confirm the license and you have activated your version of the operating system.

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