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All You Need To Know About the Latest Perodua Aruz

The Perodua Aruz is a class apart. It is one of the best performing cars in the region. The Perodua Aruz is known for its power, looks, and safety reliability. It is the car that everyone needs. Located in Malaysia, Perodua is one of the most popular car brands that have developed some of the best cars out there. The accessories incorporation with the Daihatsu motor company has allowed the car to succeed, in terms of security. In case you are the victim of a Nashville Uber accident in an Aruz car, chances are that you will be safe, as the car got a 5-star Asean Ncap rating . The new version of the older SUV has been launched. Read on to learn more about the Perodua Aruz 2020.

  1. Amazing Design

The design of the Perodua Aruz is amazing. It is perfect for everyday people that need a car for one road trips. Besides, the car has a modern look. It comes with all the comforts and features which would normally look for in a car. Moreover, there are many features which are not that common and provide the Perodua Aruz with an edge over competitors. The car is available in two different packages and come with a 4-speed automatic transmission and 7 seat option. The first place where people come across the Perodua Aruz is on

  1. Engine Specs

The car has been designed for the region and hence considers the climate and its potential buyers. It has a DOHC with DUAL VVT-I engine, 4 cylinders, and a 2NR-VE. It is the only engine that is available with the advanced model. The engine offers horsepower of around 110 and the displaced is about 1500 cc which is impressive for a car that is capable of providing about 15.6 km for a litre of petrol.

  1. Transmission Specs

The Perodua Aruz has two variants which include the Aruz 1.5 X and the Aruz 1.5 AV. Both of these models have a standard transmission and a standard engine. The transmission of the car is a 4-speed automatic transmission which is the perfect match for the engine.

  1. Dimensional Specs

The two variants have the same weight and dimensional specs, whereas, the AV model does have a curb weight of about 1310 kg which is about 10 kg more as compared to the base model. Moreover, the overall wheelbase of the car is 2685mm which is in line with the majority of SUVs available today. The car has a minimum turning radius of about 5.2m and its total length is 4435 mm. The Perodua Aruz allows you to store as much as 45 litres at a time and travels up to 700 km on a single tank which makes it perfect for long trips.

  1. Exterior Specs

When it comes to the premium model or the AV version, it has a roof tail, spoiler, and fog lamps that provide the car with a sporty and aggressive look. Moreover, the car also has headlamps which are automatically turned on and they are made of LED with light guides and follow me home function. With just a push of the button, the side mirrors can be adjusted by the driver.

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