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What Parts Are Needed To Make a Robot?

Robots are changing the world. Menial tasks throughout the world have been replaced by robots in one way or another. Japan and Germany are leading the way when it comes to developing innovative robots. If you are a newbie to robots and are wondering what parts are required to make a robot, then you have come to the right place. This guide will help you know which parts are required for creating your very first robot. Moreover, check out servos to learn more about robots.

To build a robot, there are some basic parts that you will need. These are classified and explained below.

Chassis: The first thing you will need is chassis. It depends on your needs. EBay and Amazon have various models from which you can choose.

Movement tools such as motors, propellers or wheels: If you want your robot to move, then you will need wheels, motors or propellers. But first, you need to decide whether the robot would be 2WD or 4WD. WD stands for wheel drive. There are different types of motors that are needed for different types of torque requirements, budget, and area restriction. If you want the robot to function like an airplane, then you will need propellers.

Communication media: Communication between the robot and remote control is crucial. If it is a wired robot, then you will need to join the robot and remote control by long wires. However, if it is Bluetooth-enabled, then you will need a Bluetooth module and a BT device for communication. TX and RX modules are used for radio wave communication.

Sensors: Just about every robot has a purpose. Whether you want to build a robot that follows you around or one that alerts you when there is someone at the door, you will need IR sensors and ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection.

Power supply: It helps ensure that the robot receives the electrical energy needed to function.


Things You Need to Build the Robot

The following are some of the things that you will need to build your robot.


Resistors help reduce the amount of current for a circuit. The four-color mode is a must-have as it helps indicate the resistance level.


When the electricity in the circuit drops, these tiny M&M shaped storage modules release their charge.


It makes sure that the electrical current keeps on flowing.


A thermistor is basically what it sounds like that is thermal and resistor. It is used to vary the resistance based on the ambient temperature.


A transistor is vital as it ensures that the current flowing into the base emerges much stronger.


This is a light-based sensor that adjusts the current flow that is used in applications like automatic outdoor lighting.

Integrated Circuit

It contains an entire electronic circuit. An integrated circuit is available in modular units to help amplify the current.


Finally, a switch is vital to ensure that the circuit can be switched on and off easily.

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