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How Price Comparison Sites Can Use Social Media Marketing

The initial purpose of social media platforms is to communicate, check what your family and friends are up to, and view cute cat videos and others. So, marketers who are using the media to advertise their products are imposing, mainly because they seem pushy or too predictable.

Look at it this way: why would a company approach you? One of the main reasons they’d be interested in contacting you is to sell. So, predictable. But, as a marketer, you should effectively use social media to sell your products and services, ensuring you don’t drive your audience away by appearing pushy.


How to Use Social Media to Put Your Price Comparison Site in the Light

a) Sharing Product Information

A price comparison site can use social media to market product news, discounts, and offers straight to the palms of customers. If customers choose to follow your page on social media, it’s an indication that they are interested in knowing what you’re offering and expect news of the same.

b) Remain Competitive

Say you’re using twitter to market your brand. As there already exist other price comparison sites, using twitter to sell your website will create competition for other existing sites. However, you have to develop good tweets that can gather retweets and therefore put you on the front line.

c) Addressing Issues Raised Through Customer Services

Customers now don’t fear to give honest reviews on social media. You can reach these customers and turn their negative experience with a product into something positive.

d) Create Personalization

Creating an account on social media platforms allows you to become more personal and approachable. If you’re friendly, customers can enquire and transact with you.
How to Optimize Your Post to Facilitate Success

For someone to share your post, it must be reasonable, and they want other people to benefit as they did. But, you can’t create a post and depend on the few followers to share. You have to optimize it. Let’s look at elements to put in place to facilitate the success of your post.

i. Titles

The title of your post tells whether people will read your job or not. Include odd numbers in your title. For example, “3 reasons you should have shaving cream”.

ii. Text

Use the right keywords and phrases as only a snippet appears on a shared post. Ensure what you want to communicate is in the first three lines of your text.

iii. URL

Ensure your URL is clear and tells the customer where it will lead.

iv. Social media cards

Not every post you create comes across all your followers. If you’re using Facebook, check Facebook’s open graph tags to see whether your post is coming across most of your social media followers.

Your business success on social media depends on the efforts you apply. However, you can employ efforts but the wrong strategies. Check price comparison Shopify and find how to strategize and grow your sales via social media to escape from doing something wrong in the name of trying to sell your business.

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