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Pros and Cons of Living and Working in London

London is one of the most famous cities in the world. It is also the most populous metropolis in England, and is home to the British royal family. The work culture is very safe and friendly. One of the main advantages of living and working in London is the great public transportation system. This post looks at the pros and cons of living and working in London. If you want to gain insights to life in London, then is the perfect platform for you.


Pros of Living and Working in London

  1. An abundance of culture, whether it is the plethora of theaters, art galleries or museums.
  2. World-class public transport system which people can actually rely upon. It consists of the buses that take you everywhere for a reasonable price and the London Underground trains that are also known as the tube. Cabs can also be taken if money is not an issue.
  3. Plenty of job opportunities as many companies are London-based. You can easily get a well-paying job if you have the right qualifications and experience.
  4. Ease of travel to different parts of the UK and Europe. One can easily drive to different places, take a train or fly to places like Paris in just a few hours.
  5. The music scene is spectacular. There is something for everyone. All major singers perform in London which makes the city the ultimate place for music lovers.
  6. London is famous for its polite and friendly nature. People are extremely happy and despite living in a huge city, are always ready to help you out.
  7. When you live and work in London, you get to benefit from the UK’s free health system. Besides, London is home to the largest emergency ambulance system.
  8. Perhaps, parks are your thing as London has some amazing big leafy parks for you to stroll through. Hyde Park, Richmond Park and Green Park can be easily accessed by the Tube.
  9. A great thing about London is the fact that the city is relatively safe and has a professional police force, along with plenty of CCTV cameras that surround the city.
  10. London is foodie paradise with its abundance of restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs and café. If you want to be social, then London is the city for you.


Cons of Living and Working in London

  1. Now, London is an exorbitantly expensive city where buying a house or even renting costs a fortune. The close one is to center, the more expensive it is.
  2. Traveling during peak hours can be a nightmare. The buses and trains are usually overcrowded during such hours.
  3. The British weather needs some getting used to. It can be dark and damp which make it a depressing place to live in. However, there are plenty of lights and things to keep you occupied.
  4. Booking in advance is commonplace for the best restaurants. It makes it hard to find a good place to eat last minute.


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