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How to Remove the Glare from Your Laptop Screen

On a warm sunny day, the weather conditions are so enjoyable that you’ll want to bask in the glow of the morning sun. As you pick up your laptop and scuddle towards a nearby window, this is when you encounter an annoying problem: the presence of glare. As the sun shines directly above you, the glare on your laptop display is pretty much inevitable.

Glare is an annoying problem for many laptop users. When the glare from the sun appears so prominently in the screen reflection, your laptop display becomes barely readable. You will feel a heavy strain in your eyes, struggling to make out unintelligible words and images on the screen. As you can imagine, this type of viewing experience is neither pleasant nor productive.

Fortunately, there are some standard and modern gaming laptops built with anti-glare technology. In addition, you can employ several easy solutions to remove the glare from your laptop screen. Check out these six techniques to mitigate the laptop glare with ease:


1. Increase Brightness

At the onset of glare, your laptop screen may appear dimmer than usual.

To fix the problem, you can increase the brightness settings. Doing this will drown out the amount of glare obstructing your view. The extra display illumination may exceed the impact of any sunlight that is reflecting off the screen. The screen display will appear clearer, making it more comfortable for your eyes.

Of course, increasing the brightness may affect your laptop’s battery negatively. When the brightness is set at the maximum capacity, the battery will drain a lot faster than usual. This can compromise your ability to use the laptop for long periods of time.


2. Anti-Glare Screen

Laptop manufacturers have been developing the technology to tackle the issue of glare. In modern laptops, you are likely to find an anti-glare display that significantly reduces any reflections. The screen comes with a non-reflective matte finishing, which is great for increasing your privacy.

You will find the presence of anti-glare technology available in many ASUS laptops, such as the ASUS ZenBook Duo. This laptop is equipped with two screens, a primary display that is complemented by a secondary touchscreen. The lifted design in the second screen comes with a matte coating, which helps to reduce the glare. The visuals on both displays will appear clear and vivid, whether you are working in sunny weather or cloudy conditions.


3. Monitor Hoods

A monitor hood is an effective piece of equipment that can remove the glare from your laptop screen. Resembling a box, this intricately designed hood is placed at the top portion of your laptop screen. The hood essentially provides a physical cover from the sun, so you can see your laptop screen without worrying about the glare.

Many online retailers sell monitor hoods at an affordable price. You can also create one by yourself. In this homemade contraption, all you need is a piece of cardboard, which is secured on the top of your laptop screen. Once positioned correctly, it will mitigate any annoying glare from your laptop display.


4. Polarized Sunglasses

There are certain types of sunglasses that come with built-in anti-glare technology. Polarized sunglasses work by blocking out glare entirely. This is known as the Brewster’s angle, whereby glare manifests when light bounces off a surface at specified angles. The glasses render this angle inert, so they are recommended for those using their laptop outdoors.

The polarized sunglasses are known to work quite well, but only for certain types of laptop screens. Unfortunately, their effectiveness may be limited on LCD displays. In fact, the worn glasses can make it even harder to see what is on your screen sometimes. Consider this crucial detail before you make any purchases.


5. Move Around

At times, the best solution to remove glare is to just relocate somewhere else. If you find yourself sitting in an area liable to the mitigating effects of glare, simply move elsewhere. Ideally, there shouldn’t be a light source directly above or behind you when picking a new location.

Most of the time, all it takes is a simple repositioning of your device to reduce the negative impact of glare. You’ll eventually be able to find a sweet spot that is not hampered by the sun’s rays.


6. Work in the Dark

If you want to completely remove the influence of glare, avoid areas with bright lighting conditions. Instead, try to bring your laptop to an indoor location with minimal sources of external light. While it isn’t recommended to use your laptop in total darkness, you can improve the clarity of your screen display by closing curtains and turning off some overhead lights.

If you must be outdoors, there are a plethora of patio canopies at restaurants and cafes that provide you with an optimized work environment. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the warmth of the sun, without the hinderance of glare on your device.

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