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Things to do for a newbie in World of Warcraft


When a new or experienced player enters the world of WoW, he often faced with the fact that the game, which has taken a step forward for more than 10 years, has changed tremendously.

Many additions have been released that have significantly expanded the already large game world, in which the player has yet to get comfortable. What should a WoW player do?

In the game world, there are several types of activities that can be broken down as follows:

  1. The main plot and pumping.
  2.  Secondary tasks and professions to earn money.
  3.  Achievement system and archeology for collectors and players who want a much deeper understanding of the game universe.


In World of Warcraft, the main content starts after the maximum level. New raids and the update itself came out as an expansion of the game world, so the player will first have to achieve the maximum level value from the previous update.

The player can go two ways:

  1. Level up on your own, simultaneously leveling professions at will, completing quests, visiting dungeons and passing raids.
  2. Order a pumping service in the online store. If you buy wow power leveling, then you can reach the maximum level in a short time and immediately begin to conquer the Shadowlands update. The player does not waste time on boring quests and crowded spots for pumping. Everything will be done by professionals.

See all previous updates

There is a huge amount of content in World of Warcraft, but the game is still more built for new updates – for example, with the release of Shadowlands, the player will be guided through the locations associated with the update and will be taken through a new training system designed for the new version.

But this does not mean that the game takes autonomy from the player. You are still free to choose your leveling zones and quests based on your level. Just choose the location you are interested in, or the dungeon, and go to exterminate the monsters while completing quests.



The achievement system expands the player’s gaming experience and provides opportunities to earn most of the rewards from legacy updates. For example, some unique riding mounts are obtained just according to the achievement system.



In later WoW updates, the profession system has undergone changes. More economic.

Professions are no longer such an important attribute for leveling – that is, a player can not spend time on them at all and still enjoy the game and not lose much in gold. The main thing instead of professions is to concentrate on raids and dungeons.


But a beginner should still pay attention to professions, and here’s why:

  1. There are ten main and three additional professions. Each of which is closely related to pumping in hunting zones.
  2. Professions bring additional income, which will definitely not be superfluous for a beginner. But keep in mind that with each new update, professions open from a higher level. For example, in Shadowlands it makes no sense for you to upgrade professions from the previous update, you will not earn gold, but simply slow down your leveling by being distracted by collecting herbs, skinning and other activities.
  3. By choosing professions for your game class, you can improve your character quite well at the start of the game. Of course, at the later stages of the game, equipment obtained for PVP points, or in top raids, will be relevant, but you still need to get to this stage.


Character preparation

Having reached level 60, it is advisable for you to already have basic equipment for further character development – passing raids and dungeons, farming in locations and completing quests.

To do this, you need equipment with 200 parameters in order to already begin to feel like a confident damage dealer.

Buying such equipment is not difficult if you save a little money for the future. Goods cost about 700 coins, which is very quickly farmed and obtained for quests.

You can save money and create armor and weapons at the expense of professions, but you will need to watch guides and videos so as not to waste a lot of time. You will need to understand where and what resources are needed for a particular profession for your class. It’s easier to buy armor and weapons to start and move on.



WoW, was and remains an interesting MMO with a lot of innovation and old content at the same time. If you are an experienced player, or vice versa, a beginner, then in addition to the Shadowlands passage branch, it is recommended to pay attention to the old locations and pumping zones for a deeper understanding of the World of Warcraft world.

Also, do not forget about additional activities in WoW, which, although not mandatory, are desirable for learning.

Achievements, professions, archeology. All of them will help the player to better understand the world, earn gold and get unique riding mounts.

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