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How to use casino «gifts»: welcome bonus rabona, free spins

Casino offers around the world are essentially quite similar. New and regular users are offered three types of bonuses. These are deposit, no deposit and free spins. However, the process of receiving and wagering will be different depending on the conditions put forward by a particular playground. For example, only a person who registers for the first time on the website of this casino can receive a welcome bonus rabona at the link The deposit bonus is available only for replenishment of the account for a certain amount. Free spins are bonuses that allow you to make several spins of the reel. At the same time, such slot spins can be issued in different quantities – it all depends on the type of entertainment, how exactly the reward was received (for example, as an addition to the replenishment of the account, registration, the final bonus of the game, etc.). It’s no secret that «gifts» are beneficial not only to users, but also to the casino itself. But the latter is of little interest to players, because for them the main thing is how to use the offer with the maximum benefit specifically for themselves.

Bonuses for new casino customers

Almost every modern playground provides so-called welcome bonuses. Of course, with the help of such an offer, companies attract new customers. And, the more generous the gift is, the more new visitors the site can count on.

Nevertheless, the user does not care exactly what advantages such a marketing move carries for a particular casino. It is more important to him how he can take advantage of his offer.

The main purpose of «gifts» for beginners, for example, welcome bonus rabona, is to enable a new player to better familiarize himself with the functionality of the service. Of course, those who have not yet tried slots, slot machines will be in a difficult position, since they cannot always deal with all the options in a couple of minutes. And they would not want to spend their own money just to learn how to play and understand the principle of lunch entertainment. In this case, welcome bonus rabona becomes the optimal solution. This is almost the same demo mode, but with the opportunity to get a real profit if luck is on the side of the player. But do not forget that the casino sets various conditions for receiving and wagering their gifts. Only by doing them can you take a profit.

No deposit bonuses

By the name, it is easy to understand that such prizes can be received by those who have already begun to replenish the deposit account independently. Indeed, such offers are liked by regular users, because in fact they allow you to save. For example, when depositing a certain amount into the account, you can expect that it will increase by 50 percent or more. In addition, gaming services please their users with the possibility of increasing the size of the deposit even by 200-300 percent on certain days of the week or hours. No deposit bonuses are often accompanied by the receipt of free spins – free spins.


Wager is a condition for using a certain bonus. For the casino, they are the provision of the principle of fair play on the part of the user (protection from the so-called bonus hunters). In simple words, a wager is the number of bets that a player must wager before he has the opportunity to withdraw money from his bonus account. Let’s try to explain with a simple example. For example, if the wager is set at x30, then in order to withdraw the winnings, you will need to bet on an amount that is 30 times higher than the initial amount of the bonus received. Wagers are needed primarily for the newcomers themselves, since with them, you can interestingly and safely start a real game, but at the same time not risk spending your own money.


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