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Valorant’s Black.Market Bundle Details


A fitting homage to Counter-Strike

Valorant account holders are no strangers to unusual skins. From colorful to futuristic, there’s one that would appeal to any aesthetic. Following the success of the Oni and Recon collections, Black.Market rides the wave. Players are expecting it to be a successful bundle.

Black.Market Details

It’s a bundle of skins for 5 weapons:

  • Classic (Pistol)
  • Bulldog
  • Vandal
  • Marshal
  • Melee (Butterfly Knife)

As the Recon set, it’s a more realistic design. It’s nothing outlandish or eye-catching and reminiscent of Counter-Strike weapons, which inspired Valorant. The best thing about it is that it has a different design depending on the role taken.

It has a default coloration when you’re on the Attacking side. Once you start on the defense, it has a gold-ish coloration on the stocks and other parts.

The Butterfly Knife for the melee weapon is also worth noting. While the Balisong (Recon) and the Firefly (RGX 11z Pro) are similar skins, this is the classic Butterfly Knife with no frills. The other skins have color variations, but this one has none. It can be upgraded for new animation, but it lacks variations other than the one that depends on the team’s role.

The bundle costs 7100 Valorant Points. Individually, the Valorant skins for the guns cost 1775 points, while the melee one costs 3550 points. If you miss the bundle, you can buy the individual skins when they appear in your daily store offerings.

The bundle came out on April 10, 2023, when patch 6.07 went live.

Similarities to Counter-Strike

Valorant’s primary game mode is Counter-Strike with MOBA elements (the different characters and their abilities). It’s not a full-on MOBA shooter like Overwatch, but it’s not a straightforward team shooter like Counter-Strike.

This skin bundle hammers the similarities home. The default look of the Classic (Pistol) skin looks much like the pistols available in CS. The Vandal skin resembles the CV-47, which is based on the AK-47. Even the Butterfly Knife is similar in both games.

Simplicity and Realism

While the other skins enjoy their popularity, there’s something about the realistic and straightforward skins that appeal to people. The only thing fancy about this bundle is that they change colors depending on the side you’re in. Other than that, it’s how guns look in the real world.

It’s a grounded design that doesn’t shout for attention like the other flashy skins. This characteristic is perfect for those who want something different but not too different. Sometimes, the eye-catching skins can be distracting, even to you. These realistic designs keep you focused on the game.

A downside is forgetting that you’re playing Valorant and not Counter-Strike. You might forget that the characters you play have unique skills you can use to your advantage. It’s an added benefit you should remember about.

Get the Bundle While It’s Available!

If you love this type of Valorant skin, ensure you get the bundle right now. Missing this opportunity means checking the store every day to see if they’re available. Sure, it will be cheaper, but if you want everything in the bundle, this is the fastest way to get them. After all, you’ll rely on RNG to make them available in the store again. This will take some time unless you’re insanely lucky to have it on offer a few days after the bundle becomes unavailable.

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