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Why Did My Instagram Views Suddenly Drop?


The goal of every creator is mostly to get high engagement on their content. However, experiencing a decrease in Instagram views can understandably take a toll on your excitement, especially because your content is not getting the responsiveness you aimed at.

Apart from affecting your overall engagement level, low views on Instagram can also limit your brand visibility and exposure, which further makes it difficult for you to attain your brand goals.

So why are you struggling to get views? Are your audience not just interested in your content, or is there something you are doing wrong?

In this article, we will cover the reasons why Instagram views may decrease and provide guaranteed methods to increase views beyond your initial count.


4 Reasons Why Your Instagram Views Suddenly Drop

1) You’re Posting at the Wrong Time

Despite the fact that you have great content to share, posting it at the wrong times will decrease the likelihood of getting many views and can be part of why your Instagram engagement dropped.

It is important that you understand and adapt the concept of peak period activity on Instagram. This means posting your content at the right time when your audience is most active to view your content.

Although the best time to post on Instagram can vary based on your target audience, we recommend that you take some measures to know the perfect time for your audience.

These processes include utilizing Instagram analytics to know your audience demographics, such as location, age, and time-zone difference, to determine when they are most active. Additionally, you can check the analytics of previous posts to know how each content performed at various times.

2) You’re Using Ineffective Hashtags

Similar to other popular social media platforms, hashtags are great for increased visibility and exposure when used effectively.

On the other hand, using them inappropriately, such as including irrelevant or overused hashtags, will not give your content the boost needed to gain more views. This can also be a reason why your views suddenly dropped.

Hence, when adding hashtags (especially popular hashtags), make sure that each one is relevant to your niche and that they are not overused so as to enhance the discoverability of your Instagram posts.

How, then, do you know the suitable hashtags to use? Use the Instagram search feature to discover trendy themes to make niche-specific hashtags, or check out other users in your category to see the hashtags they are using to get numerous views.

3) Lack of Post Frequently

Posting infrequently on Instagram can cause the platform’s algorithm and your followers to perceive your account as inactive. Therefore, if you have been absent from the platform for an extended period of time, this may be the reason why you are not receiving as many views as you once did.

While it might take some time, posting consistently again can help you boost your post views and maintain a high engagement rate.

You can post up to 2 times or more in a day and as often as you can all through the week. Create a content calendar to help you strictly abide by your posting regularity, and you can also sometimes schedule your content in advance.

4) Less Engagement with Followers

Decreasing your level of interaction with your followers can make them become less engaged and also change interests, which can result in you getting lower numbers of reels and story views.

In as much as you are looking to boost Instagram views, it is vital that you constantly relate with your audience.

Share compelling and interactive content on your stories and reels. Ask questions that will inspire your audience to view your status and also respond to them. In addition, reply to their comments and direct messages and encourage user-generated content to increase engagement.


4 Easy Ways to Get More Views on Instagram

Since you now know the reasons why your views decreased, below are some proven ways to also gain multiple on Instagram:

1) Create Great Content

Create Great ContentAlways creating content that is visually appealing and totally resonates with your targeted audience can constantly attract new and old viewers to your posts. Make use of great visuals with high resolutions to capture the attention of your fans.

Also, craft original content using a brilliant storytelling approach, and write engaging captions that will amuse your audience and make them become more interested in your posts while they also share with their friends and loved ones for increased views.

2) Use Instagram Stories and Reels

Utilizing Instagram Stories and Reels can significantly boost visibility and attract more views on your content. Stories and Reels have a wide reach and are prominently featured in the app. To leverage them effectively, consistently post engaging and creative Stories and Reels that resonate with your target audience. Use interactive features like stickers, polls, and question boxes to encourage viewer engagement. Experiment with behind-the-scenes footage, tutorials, and entertaining content to captivate your audience. By leveraging these features strategically, you can increase your chances of gaining more views and expanding your Instagram presence.

3) Collaborations with Other Influencers

Make collaborations with other Instagram Influencers or brands who already have numerous fans and some credibility on the platform. It will help you gain broader visibility and reach into a wider community that can lead to increased view count for you.

While reaching out for collaboration, you should also offer something valuable in return or propose to cross-promote each other’s content, and both leverage your audiences. Conversely, ensure that whoever you are partnering with has an audience that is related to your niche.

4) Buy Instagram Views

Buy Instagram ViewsA reliable way to quickly and easily boost your Instagram views is to buy. It provides you the opportunity to get enough views that will protect your brand and also attract many other organic viewers. But, please avoid providers that their views were bot-generated.

The safest place you can purchase Instagram Views is from GetAFollower, a respectable agency that delivers real views from authentic Instagram accounts (with a money-back guarantee) to give your brand or business the support needed to reach your goal faster.

You can save more time and focus your energy on creating beautiful content for your audience while your views keep growing. This can also provide you with many other monetization openings and strengthen your brand network.



Don’t let the sudden drop in your Instagram views weigh you down. Instead, you should now concentrate on how to gain more views in thousands and millions. We have provided very effective tips to help you achieve this.

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