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10 Biggest Trends in the Lighting Industry

Everyone knows that the lighting industry has expanded and evolved dynamically in the past few years. The technological advancement led to the emergence of an intelligent lighting management system that makes it easy to control lighting sources.

There are many latest trends in the lighting industry. To help you stay updated with the latest trends, I have shared the top latest trends in the lighting industry.

1.    Wireless Lighting

One of the biggest trends in the lighting industry is wireless lighting. In recent times, everything is compact and wireless. Even the lighting industry is adopting wireless technology and incorporating it into the latest projects.

Wired lighting systems are also using wireless technology. This enables them to control the lighting system without cabled connectivity. Moreover, the lighting systems also use radio-frequency technology that uses the power lines to carry information to your fixtures and fittings.

2.    LiFi

We know the light is a source of illuminating your home. But in recent times, it can also be used to develop a light communication system. Through Light Fidelity (LiFi), you can share and exchange data using the lighting sources. By installing this system, you can transform places like museums, shops, offices, and indoor space into efficient places.

This technology is useful for places where WiFi cannot be used. LiFi transfers data through light waves. This technology can prove to be useful where radio waves can disturb the operation of devices. Besides this, LiFi is safer than most networks as it can only be accessed through a light source.

3.    Human Centric Lighting

In present times, the lighting industry is focusing on the impact of lighting on the environment and human health. Lighting fixtures are made keeping in mind the comfort of users. For instance, lights with a low color rendering index and high color temperature are associated with sleeping disorders.

So, manufacturers are producing lighting that can easily be adjusted. In addition, users can even set lighting-based alarms.

4.    Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Lighting

One of the latest trends in the lighting industry is smart lighting and IoT. For those who don’t know, the Internet of Things is a technology in which objects (coffee makers, fridge, smartphones, lighting fixtures, etc.) are connected and exchange information through a network. This technology allows you to regulate the lighting remotely. In simple words, you can turn on and off the lights from almost anywhere in the world.

Though the application of IoT is infinite, there are four areas where smart lighting can be used.

  • Smart Offices- IoT enables you to have full automation in lighting. This means the intelligent system will help to reduce operating costs and increase the productivity of workers. Along with this, it will enhance the work environment.
  • Smart Cities- Smart lighting will help in controlling the lighting of the city. It makes it easy to adjust the lighting according to the time of day. For saving energy, it can be set to turn on when motion is detected. This is useful for increasing the comfort and safety of everyone.
  • Smart Industries- intelligent systems are dependent on the use of sensors. This will help in optimizing activities that will reduce lighting costs.
  • Smart Homes- by using smart lighting, the light sources can be managed efficiently. It can be used to make sure lighting is according to the function of the room. This is a great way to rationalize energy consumption.

Smart lighting solutions and IoT will soon become the norm for the lighting industry.

5.    Better Control Through Connectivity

With the increased usage of LED technology, connectivity has greatly improved. For a long time, the sensors and dimmers have been a part of the lighting industry. However, digital connectivity has made it easy to control light sources in a better way. That’s why it is becoming a vital part of the lighting industry.

6.    Built-in Lights

Another trend that is followed by the lighting industry is built-in lights. This trend is surged by LED technology since you don’t have to replace them often.

Lights are, now, being fitted inside the walls and ceilings. This provides an elegant and classy appeal to the room.

In the near future, all the lights will be built-in to make them seem seamless. Even the designers are creating designs in which the lighting fixtures are built-in.

7.    Energy-Efficient Lighting

We are living in a world where people are more aware of the consequences of light pollution on the environment. That’s why they try to use lighting solutions that are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. LED technology is the perfect lighting solution that is environmentally friendly along with being energy efficient. LED has revolutionized the industry and it is predicted that the LED technology will own up to 95% shares in the lighting industry by 2025.

There are several reasons for the popularity of LED technology. It is capable of producing high luminous efficiency, meaning you will not have to install a lot of lights to have a bright space. The LED lights are designed to reduce light pollution.

LED lights are known to consume less energy that helps in decreasing the energy bill. Since LED technology produces less heat, it decreases the production of carbon dioxide.

8.    Cloud Lighting Design

The trends in the lighting industry are not limited to lighting and fixtures. Designers are using systems that make lighting installations easy and sophisticated. Using software solutions, designers can easily make changes in the project while sitting with the customer. Additionally, it will help in completing complex procedures within minutes.

9.    Virtual Reality

We all know Virtual Reality (VR) is based on internet connectivity. Soon, it will be based on LiFi signals coming from the lighting fixtures. VR is introducing a new way to receive and send data. The lighting industry can use this technology to present a huge lighting system to the client instead of a length written report.

10.   Sustainable Lighting

This is the latest trend in the lighting industry. When a luminaire reaches the end of its lifespan, we throw it away because it no longer works. Some parts in the light are still working and can be reused in other products.

Do you want to look at the Arc Illuminations- lighting projects? Feel free to visit our website for more details. Which technology of the lighting industry do you like the best? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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