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7 Best Offline Translator Tools For PC


Regardless if you are a video blogger, small video game developer, or someone who travels for business, you surely know that WiFi connection is not always available. Sometimes we are in a situation when we need to translate things quickly or check something related to an important business contract. It is much easier if we can turn to things like online translation tools, yet it is not always possible. Thankfully, one can also approach various offline translation tools for PC that will be both affordable or free!


Offline Translation Solutions For PC


  1. PROMT Master.

It is a great software solution that works offline and supports English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian. It supports numerous formats like Doc, Docx, Xls, rich-text format, PDF, TXT, and XML. It is quite good since it also works with PowerPoint and all the Office Suite. Of course, if you need to translate some business documents, it is much safer to consider a certified translation service since it is a document that holds legal power. Yet, for those times when you are stuck in a hotel with no Internet connection, PROMT is safe to use!


  1. Babylon 10 Premium Pro.

It supports up to 77 different languages and also helps with email correspondence as it has various automation options. Just remember to have them set up by reading the manual. Alternatively, learn how to translate an email for business automatically, which helps to save time. Let us not forget that you can also write in English or any other language and have it automatically translated. Of course, it should not relate to business contracts or critical documents that must be translated by professionals.


  1. Microsoft Translator (Windows 10).

This software can be installed for Win 10 users. It supports over 50 different languages and works much like Google Translate. What makes it special is the camera translation. You should point it at signs, newspapers, restaurant menus, or anything for a quick graphic translation. It also has some educational features.


  1. QTranslate.

It is a simple offline translator that is mostly based on various dictionaries. It helps to find basic explanations for the words. You can download additional language databases free of charge. It does not require any installation and can run directly from the executive, which means that you can use it on any PC with a flash thumb drive.


  1. Just Translate.

It offers automatic language recognition, which is good for time-critical situations. It has a great grammar checker. Just Translate lets you export translated texts in PDF format. If you want to keep things simple, this is it! It is one of those solutions that will instantly catch your typos and correct them, which is good for basic communications.


  1. Virtaal.

It offers amazing customization options you should consider if you want to keep your translation solution small. It is rich with features that can be either enabled or disabled. Business, law, and medical databases are included. You can expand your dictionaries if you want to focus on specific subjects.


  1. Google Translate Offline.

It works the same way as Google Translate, yet it can be installed for offline use. The only disadvantage is that you won’t have audio features of pronunciation. Other than that, it works perfectly!


The Dictionaries Are Worth It

Remember that you should consider adding an offline dictionary, which can be helpful even if you are not really into linguistics. Checking free offline dictionaries will greatly improve your productivity and will help you if you are learning a foreign language. You can consider Wordweb Free Dictionary, which provides good definitions and explanations of how a phrase or some word is used. It can work together with MS Word, which is also a good feature you must consider. It will help you to translate things word by word. You can also purchase premium features or turn to Ultimate Dictionary software with over sixty languages (also free).



Turning to her linguistic background, Melony likes to explore the world, education, and innovative technologies. Her posts offer efficient solutions and handy tips. Follow Melony to learn something new and fill your life with inspiration.

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