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How to Avoid Plagiarism and Keep your Writing Original?

Plagiarism nowadays is taking lots of importance in any field, whether it is a business or education sector. One should make use of online plagiarism checker to avoid the same keeping the content original and fresh. Nowadays, piracy has become a vital issue in academic sectors where students create lots of assignments and projects by making large amounts of copied research content in very less time. Many universities and academic heading organizations set up rules and penalties for copied and plagiarized stuff.

The major shame occurs for someone when copying is caught. Many of the researchers and learners fail to learn and lack writing skills, hence, produce no creative and content writing skills within themselves. The same produces lots of psychological effect on their health, where constant lying and deception makes them a psycho.  Other than that, bloggers, content writers, and SEO experts also make use of the best online plagiarism checker programs for the same screening to avoid any issues. You can also try this tool by Edubirdie for free plagiarism checks.

Avoiding plagiarism and making the content unique and original is the need for any business. The same is done by making the best use of any online plagiarism checker program including Grammarly, DupliChecker, or any reputed one. The same can be paid or free one as per user needs. Avoiding the same is a key concern and is an ethical issue. The consequences of copying cause lots of damage to both writer repute and trust and most importantly, it comprises the content quality.

Which Plagiarisms to Avoid

Plagiarism is not just copying and pasting the content on the keyboard and submitting the same as your own writing without using any plagiarism remover. There are numerous plagiarism types, which you must first understand.

Ideas Plagiarism

Ideas and concepts are plagiarized and copied and are presented as your own with no acknowledgements. No doubt, it is difficult to find but is still a serious act of crime leading to conceptual plagiarism.  There are numerous online plagiarism checker tools developed to check the same too. Free plagiarism checker by Plagiarism detector is also developed the same way where one’s ideas and concepts are caught to maximum extent.

Text Plagiarism

One can check plagiarism online by making use of any online plagiarism checker tool, whether it’s a text or any type of copying. Text plagiarism is to copy someone’s work where you don’t really copy entire texts but some parts whether they are some phrases or similar synonyms.

Mosaic Plagiarism

There are many tools, which work as plagiarism checker with percentage letting users know of their performances. The mosaic one is the common one involving mixed text copying having ideas, texts, and other stuff copies from various sources.


The same is normally an unusual plagiarism format where the writer copies or plagiarizes their own work and remakes the same with no acknowledgements. The same is done mostly by students and researchers who use their own data again and again in their papers and works. Some of them even copy everything from previous just changing some of the lines and images. Self-plagiarism is also caught if any online plagiarism checker is used with good reviews. Turnitin is the best tool comprising of the database of hundreds of articles and academic contents from all over the world providing the exact content percentages to the users.

Some Good Online Plagiarism Checkers Other than DupliChecker

Before looking to make your content original and unique, you must make the best use of any online plagiarism checker, which must be good and efficient. To list a few, let us have a quick look.


As we discussed before, too, it is a tool for writers and students, which provides details of everything from online databases. The same is not free and premium using a paid user subscription. It has its app for iOS and Android users.


The best and the most commonly used online plagiarism checker is Grammarly, which not only is used for plagiarism checker but also tells users about the propositions, verbs, plagiarism, and a lot more. It provides them with copied lines marked as red, which one can change and modify easily.

You have to make your own strategy to avoid plagiarism, i.e. which method and tool to use and what can be consequences if you copy and which type of copying you are doing if you want to copy a bit. Some of the tips include:

  • Properly citing and acknowledging original sources
  • Adding quotes properly
  • Making the best use of any good and reputed online plagiarism checker tool
  • Using other ideas properly
  • Making original and self-creative content as much as possible
  • Choosing niche and topic on the basis of your past experiences
  • Writing and managing content based on real-life examples

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