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Best software to spy on your children



Even if you can’t imagine a child wandering alone in the forest, losing contact with him in a modern metropolis is no pleasure. Yet, despite all the dangers, parents are forced to release their children. To avoid unnecessary nerves, there are several ways, the simplest and cheapest of which is to install a special application on your smartphone. You will be able to monitor the safety of your child using satellite networks and reverse geodetic surveying – that is, geolocation technologies. – best parental control software for android and iPhone. is a parental software that you can use to track practically all the actions of their children in different social honeycombs on their mobile devices with Android and iOS and manage a lot of features to ensure security.

Umobix allows you to view the contents of the address book on the desired device, follow new and already existing contacts by studying such personal information as name, number, and the latest interaction. It is important to note that access is possible even to remote contacts, as will be mentioned separately.


Functions of the spy app –


To monitor calls and contacts

The software allows you to view the contents of your address book on the desired device, follow new and already existing contacts by studying personal information such as name, number, and the latest interaction. It is important to note that access is possible even to remote contacts, as will be mentioned separately.

With the help of the tool provided by the service it is possible to monitor not only contact information but also incoming and outgoing calls, missed and even those removed from the general list.

To check Messages (SMS)

uMobix opens access to received and sent text messages on a linked mobile device, allowing users to read them, displaying names and numbers of senders and/or recipients.

In this way, parents will always be aware of the child’s social interactions.

To track GPS location

Although both the Android and iOS operating systems have a built-in and fairly well-functioning device search function, not all use its activation and configuration. The parental control device in question makes it possible to know, in a single click, where the child was and/or is and/or is being held if the child has been lost.


With this feature, parents can track all data that is entered, copied, and inserted on a child’s mobile device. Keylogger works in all applications, whether browser, messenger, social network client, or anything else with the possibility of text-typing and allows you to see all entered characters, learn passwords and keywords, etc.

In addition to the above, it is possible to view the time of the last interaction with the virtual keyboard and input forms and to receive notifications when new information appears.

Status indicator

Through the parental control tool under consideration, it is possible to know which social network a child currently uses and to receive notifications as soon as the application is launched.

The status indicator is running with all popular services including Facebook and Instagram.

SIM-map monitoring

If a child uses a secret SIM card, thanks to UMobix parents will know about it – as soon as one is installed in the phone, the means will send a notice immediately. At the same time, all monitoring and activity control capabilities will remain available, as well as viewing new data (messages, calls, etc.).

It is possible to use this function not only to obtain hidden information but also in a situation when the mobile device was, for example, stolen and «SIM» replaced.

GeoFinder service

GeoFinder is a separate service tool uMobix, which allows you to find out the location of a child and/or its device by sending only one SMS link. The necessary information will be displayed as soon as you go over it.

It is important to note that the use of a geo-detector does not require the installation of third-party software, but only a telephone number.

List of installed applications

Through a monitoring tool, parents will be aware of all the applications installed on the child’s mobile device and will be informed of any new developments and deletions of existing ones.

Time management of applications

Modern devices based on Android and iOS make it possible to set limits and limitations for mobile programs and to obtain detailed statistics on their working times.

A similar possibility is available in YouTube – parents can control the screen time in the applications, learn which ones are most popular with the child, how often and how long they use them. It is also possible to analyze this information.


The notification system implemented on the basis of the service under consideration will not allow parents to miss any significant event on their child’s mobile device.

uMobix will inform you about the discharged battery, online output, any social media activity, new messages, and calls.

Device information

Parental control means it is possible to obtain real-time information about the child’s device and its condition.

Userspace displays information such as the operating system and its version, internal memory, charge level, time zone, and active network connection.


Messengers that you can check for parental control with

The Parental Control Service provides the ability to track child activity in popular messengers. Not only text messages and contacts, including deleted content, but also multimedia content – photo, audio, and video files – are available for viewing. The following applications are supported:

  • Facebook messenger

Every message is available for viewing, including secret and/or encrypted messages, chat and extension content, contact information, and social networking pages.

  • WhatsApp

In one of the most popular messengers, YouTube provides access to all incoming and outgoing calls, contact list accounts, chats, including group calls, and multimedia files.

  • Viber

The parental control means it is possible to view all chats with time marks and files transferred to them.

It is also possible to search blocked users and save contact data.

  • Telegram

In the popular national segment of the Internet, a browse of contact and user information, chat content, including secret, and a list of channels are available for communication.

  • TikTok

With uMobix parents can find out what content their child is attracted to, what they post, love and comment on. It is also possible to view personal messages.


In conclusion.

Today, children’s smartphones appear early enough. These devices are available on both Android and IOS. With, you can lose concern about how, how long, why a child uses this device, and the desire to protect them from unwanted applications, sites, uncontrolled phone use, and the like.

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