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Can Double or Even Triple Glazed Windows Filter or Stop Glare on Your Laptop ?

Having a laptop is a necessity today since there’s so much you can accomplish with it. Sometimes you have to use it for an extended period to get things done. The problem with such continuous use of your laptop is that the glare on it can affect you negatively in different ways. One of the major reasons why there is glare on your laptop is because of the direct sunlight penetrating through your building. If your windows cannot filter the amount or degree of light entering your room to a level that you can use your laptop without straining your eyes, there will be a problem. This is where double and triple glazed windows come to the picture. Can they filter or stop glare on your laptop?

What Are Single, Double, and Triple Glazed Windows?

To have a clear understanding of the subject under discussion, it’s imperative to understand the three types of windows. To start with, a single glazed window means that it is made of one pane of glass. Essentially, it is this single pane of glass that separates your building’s interior from the exterior environment. Since it is a single pane of glass we are talking about here, the amount of light entering a building is quite a lot.
Let’s now get to know what a double glazed window is. For this one, instead of using a single pane of glass, there are two pieces of glass involved. It’s important to point out that these glasses are separated by a vacuum. The vacuum is meant to act as an insulator. Unlike single glazed windows, double glazed windows reduce the amount of sunlight entering a building significantly. This is also the case with triple glazed windows. These windows contain three layers of glass. Alternatively, they can be having two layers of glass with low emissivity. Their major characteristic is that they have a higher capacity to filter direct sunlight compared to both the single and double glazed windows. For modern windows that are built for the long term and have aesthetic qualities our recommendation is to contact Lomax + Wood – Window Specialists.

Issues That Computer Users Have When Sitting Near Single Glazed Windows

Single glazed windows do not have enough capacity to filter or stop glare on your laptop. This is because they are made of only one glass. The piece of glass is not enough to prevent excessive penetration of sunlight through a building. The effect of this is that the more sunlight there is in your room, the higher the intensity of glare there will be on your computer. Here are some of the issues that computer users experience when sitting near single glazed windows:
• Headache
• Neck and shoulder pain
• Eye strain
• Dry eyes
• Eye discomfort
• Blurred vision
Excessive light is not good for your eyes when you are using your computer. Given that you have to stare on your computer, such light harms your eyes and, as a result, it could harm your health as well. Thus, instead of having single glazed windows, you should opt for double or triple glazed windows to filter or stop glare on your computer.

The Option of Double and Triple Glazed Windows

The advantage that double and triple glazed windows have over single glazed windows is that they have extra layers of glass that make it difficult for excessive light to enter a room. Double and triple glazed windows, for example, the double glazing Bristol windows are more modern compared to the single glazed ones. The technology that allows windows to have two or three glass panes makes it possible for only a small amount of sunlight to enter a building. When light enters your room through your windows, it can be shine directly on your computer or reflect through walls. If the light is a lot, it will affect you, especially if your computer screen is directly next to your window. Thus, for you to filter or stop glare on your laptop, you should consider using double or triple glazed windows. They will be of great help.
Computer usage is increasing in today’s day and age. More and more functions are requiring people to use computers. However, the big challenge is that the glare on your laptop is creating problems for you. The eye strain you are facing is largely contributed by the excessive light that enters your building while using your computer. This is because of a single glazed window. For you to correct this problem, you should opt for either double or triple glazed windows. Indeed, they are effective in filtering or stopping the glare on your laptop for effective usage.

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