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Cellularize USB C Extender Adapter Product Review

You might be familiar to the common rectangular USB ports that are used for transferring and storing data these days. But these rectangular ports are now being replaced with much more advanced versions that not only function as USB, but also serve as an extender adaptor. These are the USB C Extender Adaptor which are easy to use on all devices including Samsung, Apple, phones, tablets laptops etc. You can find these easily on, as well as through the company’s own site, on

Highlighting Features of the Cellularize USB C Extender Adapter

  • Second Generation Protocol, 3.1
  • Delivers data speed of over 10 Gbps which can be equaled to about double the speed of USB 3.0.
  • Easy Transferring of Data through Fast Connectivity
  • Comes in variety of designs and sizes

Enables with Support for Intel Data Transfer Technology

Unlike other USB adapters, the advanced Cellularize USB Extender Adapter consists of in-built support for Intel’s Thunderbolt 3 data-transfer technology. This USB C port can help you to speed up your data at about an astonishing speed of 40 Gbps! You can imagine the comparison from your previous USB port 3.0, which is about three thousand times slower than this advanced new technology.

High Data-Transfer Speed

USB C Extender Adapter provides the option of data-transfer with the feature of video push in the same connection. There is also an alternative mode in case you are using a video to connect to the port of any other USB, HDMI, DisplayPort, or any other display connector. This is easily available on for people who are crazy for high speed connectivity.

Supportive USB Power Delivery

Commonly USB ports up to 2.0 only support 2.5 watts of Power, that are enough to charge a smartphone. But with USB C 3.1, you can get power up to 15 watts. This helps the computers, laptops and phones to easily connect with projectors and other video output devices without interference.

Large Capacity

For people who need to carry their USB ports with them, USB C is an extremely handy choice! This is because now you don’t have to carry multiple devices like an adapter, extender or the USB itself. You can just take this device with you. This USB C has a large capacity to store and transfer your data, which expands after assigning of the drive letter in your computer. USB C Extender Adapter is a further step from the standard USB devices because this has more upgrades, more speed, more connectivity, as well as multiple connectivity options.

Final Verdict

The USB C Extender Adapter is an excellent choice for your laptop, phones or tablets. This can easily help you in your everyday work such as group presentations, demos, and best for bloggers as well. This is a self-powered device which runs on high speed as compared to more than the previous ports. You can find these easily on, as well as through the company’s own site, on

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