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CNC Vs VMC Machines

CNC and VMC machines have become very popular in recent times. Both of the machines are widely used across the globe by a wide range of industries. They are automatic processing equipment. If you are considering getting one of the machines, you have come to the right place. This post takes a look at the differences between the two machines.


What Is A CNC Machine?

A CNC machine is a machine that is used for strong processing. It is made on the basis of CNC milling. The machines make use of a numerical control system for carrying out the milling process. Automatic programming machines allow the machine to carry out the processing.


What Is A VMC Machine?

In the simplest of words, VMC machines make use of CNC control systems for generating digital signals for driving the milling machine for superior precision. The CNC machining center consists of a structure that is the Z axis of the rotation. VMC stands for vertical machining center. These machines tend to have vertically oriented spindles. The VMC items are table mounted and can perform operations of standard machining operations in 2.5 and 3 axes.


What Is the Difference between CNC and VMC Machines?

The truth is that there is no difference between CNC and VMC machines. VMC machines make use of a CNC controller. The only main difference that one needs to consider is that the milling machine is vertical in VMC machines. It is a special type of milling machines which has a spindle that moves in a vertical axis or “z” axis as it is commonly called. These machines are normally closed and are used for cutting metal.


What Makes VMC Machines Different?

The question that you need to be considering is what makes VMC machines different. Generally, you can expect the following when you get VMC machines.

  • The majority of VMC machines tend to have three axes. The axis refers to the number of motors which are capable of individually driving the position of the tool for proper control. The Z axis points up and down, the Y axis points forward and the X axis points left to right. A standard VMC machine would have a cutter that remains in a vertical direction. To increase the benefits provided by the VMC machine, a fourth or even fifth axis is added.
  • The VMC with 4th Axis allows the VMC to easily drill holes at the back and front of the product. This makes it more useful. However, you always have the option to increase the complexity by adding a fifth axis.
  • The operator would have better access to the machine chamber when using a VMC machine.
  • The machine also offers simple functionality, management, and configuration.



Once you have gone over this post, you will realize that CNC and VMC machines are not that different. However, VMC machines offer more capabilities. For CNC machining China, you should always contact a reputable company such as Bomei.

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