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A Complete Guide to Vaping Products

There are basically two types of vaporizers or batteries or vape that are available in the market right now and the way to use both for vaping is different.

1) Cannabis Flower vaporizer

This type of vaporizer which uses the original cannabis flowers and can be better option if smoking joint has started to irritate one’s lungs. Such vaporizer’s are directly used to heat cannabis flowers and then these cannabinoids and terpenes turns into gas also termed as vapor without actually burning the plant material which happens in the joint. These are further divided into two sub categories on the method by which they heat the cannabis flowers:-

  1. a) Conduction type: – These vape directly heat the cannabis flowers as it is in direct contact with the hot surface in these types of vape. This is sometimes lead to accidental overheating of some cannabis flowers which might in turn produce a harsher flavor.
  2. b) Convection type:- These vape first heat the air and pass the heated air through the chamber that contains the cannabis flowers which in turn provides a more evenly distributed head and temperature range throughout the chamber and has better overall flavor due to no overheating of cannabis flowers.

But both of this dry herb vaporizer has the same steps of operation.


How to use a dry herb vaporizer

1) First of all one has to get the grinder to break down the cannabis flowers into small pieces of the flower so it is easier to put them inside the chamber. A fine grind is the best way to inhale all form of cannabis including the vape. One can buy a Grinder card which grinds the cannabis flowers in the perfect consistency needed for loading the vape.

2) This is a no say but the correct starting material or cannabis is the most important aspect of a good vaping session. What one feels will be a direct impact of what raw material one uses to vape. Also one should make sure that the cannabis is dry.

3) Remove the cover of the vape to expose the chamber and then using a small circumference stick or the finger one should gently put the grinded cannabis into the chamber. One should make sure that the chamber is not packed too tight and some space should be left in order for air to pass through it.

4) These type of herb vaporizers can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute to heat up. One should wait for the vaporizer to heat up before taking a hit.


2) Cartridge vaporizer

On the other hand there are vaporizers like ccell silo battery, Jupiter battery etc which uses the oil or wax concentrate cartridges. Below is the step by step process on how to these both kinds of vaporizers:-


How to use cartridge vaporizer

1) One should first completely charge the battery or as much as possible before starting to use these types of vaporizers.

2) Depending upon the choice one should get a suitable oil cartridge that one intends to vape.

3) Open the cap and gently screw the cartridge and lower it until it touches the bottom of the battery which acts a contact surface for the whole heating process.


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