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Dell XPS 15 A High-Performance Laptop For Creative Video Production


Nowadays people are in a constant need for the perfect computer which can perform different tasks simultaneously and deliver maximum performance in any given situation. The primary reason for such a huge demand is actually a permanent improvement in the IOT industry and the requirement to run more hardware-intensive applications which require an even greater processing power. Furthermore, the internet has set whole new rules and the 4K video has become a new standard for YouTube content. In addition, the browsers are requiring more RAM to operate smoothly which creates the necessity for a perfect computer that is able to meet all those requirements and provide an ultimate working experience for video production.

Image courtesy of Dell


The current demand for super-efficient and powerful computers are primarily driven by the graphics-intensive applications such as gaming or video editing since the integrated graphics cards are not able to deliver enough power needed for this type of work. To solve this problem editors, build their dedicated video editing machines which are purely used for visual effects or animations. But considering the fact that everything keeps improving, we still need some compact device, without sacrificing any performance. The following requirements have become the real struggle for many PC manufacturers, but recently Dell has finally introduced XPS 15, their unique 2-in-1 laptop which features one of the best 4k displays and dedicated graphics card.



4K Ultra HD Infinity Edge Display

8th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor

16GB of RAM

1TB Solid State Drive

Excellent Build Quality



A Little Bit Expensive

The GPU Throttles Back Under Full Load



Same Design

The XPS 15 features the same basic design with mostly the metal finish on top and rubberized smooth texture on the pad which is ideal for comfortable and ergonomic palm rest. Even though we are already used to the same design it still feels like a new, since the built quality is always excellent. The only downside of this incredible 2-in-1 device is its weight which is roughly 4.5 pounds and I can hardly imagine anyone who will be eager to carry such a heavy portable tablet. Speaking about the ports it’s worth noting that the device is fully featured with two USB type C ports, as well as audio jack, microSD card slot and most importantly the battery indicator which you don’t see quite often on the current laptops.


Incredible 4K Display


Image courtesy of Dell


The 15.6 inches 4K touchscreen display is one of the main traits of this laptop which I found really interesting since the bezels around the screen are really thin. Moreover, for filmmakers and video editors the following display provides the truly immersive experience while working on high-quality video footage, recorded on the professional digital video camera, since new Dell XPS 15 provides much higher resolution than its competitors. The main benefit of using the 4K display is that you can see the content on 1:1 scale and also the ability to have a more working space, as the current programs include the wide variety of tools and functions which you need to have access to while editing.


Unmatchable Performance

The latest and greatest Dell XPS 15 is considered to be the perfect combination of a stylish laptop which can deliver power and performance and still offer some great functionalities such as the new touchscreen with stylus compatibility found in the best gaming laptops. The build quality is also exceptionally good with high-quality materials that match the price tag. The top of the line model features the quad-core Intel Core i7 processor that can be upgraded to even crazier 8th-generation Intel Core i9, 512GB storage, 16GB of RAM which is also upgradeable to 32GB with additional memory. Lastly the new Dell XPS 15 feature the 15.6-inch 4K Ultra HD InfinityEdge touch display and Nvidia Gaming GPU GTX 1050 which delivers the performance we all need and love.


Image courtesy of Dell



The Final Verdict

To summarize the Dell XPS 15 is an ideal laptop for video editors and gamers who are looking for some compact laptop with a 4K display and really fast CPU as well as the dedicated graphics card. In addition, it’s worth noting that battery life has dramatically improved compared to the previous model and now it gives you the option to experience all the goodness of this incredible laptop without sacrificing any performance at all. Furthermore, the current GPU allows the users to enjoy some light gaming with constant 60 fps on a 4K resolution, therefore I highly recommend this laptop to anyone who is looking for the new gaming/video editing portable computer for their next project.



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