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A Guide in Buying the Right Gaming Laptop 2021


If you are a gamer, the right gaming laptop can help you accomplish all your gaming needs. But choosing the right gaming laptop will give you the ability to upgrade according to your preferences. As easy as it sounds but choosing the right gaming laptop can be daunting. The reason is that gaming laptops are equipped with the power and features required to run high-end games easily. If you have plans to upgrade your laptop with new hardware after purchasing, you should consider planning in advance on the type of system you want to use. 

When buying a gaming laptop, there are a range of features that you need to understand and consider such as display, graphic cards, battery life, keywords, processors, and several other components. Gaming laptops have improved in every aspect in the past few years as an alternative to desktop experiences that are powerful and efficient. The Guru Verdict has some of the best laptop guides that can help you choose the right laptop for you.


In this article, we will help you choose the right gaming laptop that works great for your budget and needs. 

Choose your operating system 

Before you begin your search, you must first choose which operating system you want to use. This system will become the foundation of everything you want in your gaming laptop. From software to hardware, each operating system has its strengths and weaknesses that can be a great option for you.

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Chrome OS


One of the most crucial components when choosing a gaming laptop is understanding the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Central Processing Unit (CPU) of your machine. The higher the GPU and CPU of your gaming system, the better the overall performance of your machine. The CPU has a significant impact on your system as it ensures the right signals are sent to different components in your system. Some key features of your CPU include clock speed, core count, response time, and even battery life. Whereas the GPU focuses on high resolution and frame rates in your gameplay. If you are interested in running games at 4K you must consider a capable GPU and CPU to enjoy a smooth experience.



When choosing your gaming laptop display, there are different factors that you must consider apart from the size of the screen. Since displays are often overlooked by gamers, the right display can enhance your overall laptop gaming experience. A few key features you must focus on are:

  • Resolution:  The higher resolution, the better the experience which means a higher clarity of gameplay. Whether 1440p or 4K, it is any day better than the standard 1080p in laptops.
  • Refresh rate: This feature allows you to enjoy a smooth and easy on-screen action. A high-quality GPU can help enhance the refresh rate.
  • Size: The size of your gaming laptop is a matter of personal preference. Display sizes vary with different brands, the most common screen sizes are 13, 15, and 17-inch screens.
  • Avoid touch screens: Touch screens are great but can be an unnecessary feature on gaming laptops. They drain a lot of battery and make your screen dirty with fingerprints.

Compare the components of different laptops and choose the one that works according to your preference.


When purchasing a gaming laptop focusing on the storage required is important. The two types of storage you will come across are Hard drive and SSD. While hard drives are still very common in basic laptops or amateur gaming laptops, SSD has been gaining popularity in high-end gaming laptops. The reason is very simple, it is faster and efficient. It allows you to transfer data much quicker than your regular standard hard drive. The only thing is that it may cost a bit more for the SSD upgrade but if you plan on installing a lot of games or software, you can also upgrade your hard drive to 2 TB or a larger HDD.


For a gaming laptop, you must have at least 8GB RAM as an average gamer. But if you are someone who plays a lot of high-end games, 16 GB should work well. If you have 8GB RAM depending on your processor, you can consider upgrading your system to 32 GB RAM. A higher range of RAM allows your system to manage multiple data, browsers and even switch between programs. If you are a hardcore gamer and have a budget for it, 32 GB is ideal for gaming, multitasking, editing, and so on. The more the RAM the merrier experience while gaming.


Your keyboard plays a vital role when purchasing a gaming laptop, especially when you are interested in shooting or strategy-based games. As a beginner, you may just focus on the backlighting or type of keyboard but there is so much to it. Keyboard features would include key travel that means there should be a distance of 1.5mm and 2mm which prevents you from hitting the keyboard frame. Actuation, macro keys, anti-ghosting, and n-key rollover are some of the features you must compare and search for. The backlights on your gaming laptop allow you to customize lighting that can help you find your keys easily while gaming.



Your gaming laptops ports can be quite beneficial to you as it gives you the ability to expand your gaming experience. If you are someone who prefers connecting a gaming mouse, keyword, speakers, USB port, HDMI port, ethernet connection and so on, then comparing ports can help you choose the right laptop. Some gaming laptops do not have enough ports, in those situation, you can consider buying a hub port which can fulfil your needs. 

The Verdict

When buying a gaming laptop you must consider the aforementioned points as they can help you buy a laptop that will last longer and not just a few years. The choices you make are entirely depended on your preference and your budget. So make sure you that the laptop you choose does not hamper your gaming experience.

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