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Make your LinkedIn profile more engaging – here’s how

There are countless articles, research papers, tutorials, lecture recordings, books, newspaper publications, entire University departments and whatnot dedicated to the art of marketing. Most of the time, the latter is focused on the promotion of the goods and services owned by a particular individual or the company. While all of these are undoubtedly useful, we do not hear as much information or advice with regards to successful self-promotion. In other words, you know how to build the brand in general, but can you be equally as effective at building your personal branding? LinkedIn profile is exactly that. It is your opportunity to self-brand successfully, and for that, you will need considerable engagement. Keep reading this article to find out more. 


Presentability comes first 

While setting up your LinkedIn profile, there are a couple of important technical details you need to stay aware of: 

  • Authentic profile picture
  • Headline
  • Summary 
  • Visual appeal

Let’s tackle all of these details one by one. First and foremost, one of the most useful things you can do to make your profile stand out, is posting a headshot. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is mostly a business-oriented network and just as you would not show up at a job interview with the inappropriate attire, you cannot expect to receive engagement if people struggle to take you seriously. It is completely understandable that having a Spongebob as your profile picture does not make you any less of a copywriter for instance, but every platform has its own set of guidelines and whether you like it or not, you will have to abide by it at least to some degree, to get the desired results. 

Once you have successfully gotten the profile picture fiasco out of your way. It is time to work on the headline. LinkedIn is more generous with headlines, than TikTok where you are allowed to use only 80 characters. Here it is 120, so make smart use of them and remember that the headline is the first thing people read once they come across your profile. Do not just write your current job or profession. Get a bit more creative, and add some of your specialties as well. Make it intriguing and irresistible for the employers to ignore you, brand yourself properly. 

What comes next may take a little longer for completion, but it is crucially important and should be extremely well-written. You guess it correctly, it is the summary time. Unlike the summaries we wrote in school most of which were mind-wrenching, to say the least, your LinkedIn summary should be outstanding. You are basically telling your story and for that the network allows the use of 2000 characters. If writing is not your best quality or it has nothing to do with your job/profession, but you still want to have a striking summary, don’t hesitate to ask for external assistance. It is always better to spend money and ensure quality, than to do the task yourself solely for the sake of cost-effectiveness and end up with disappointment. Not only your summary, but your follower count can also increase with some additional help. This type of service you can readily find on places like socialwick. By boosting your general stats on LinkedIn, the engagement growth will be guaranteed for you. 

Whether you decide to write the summary yourself or pay a well-versed writer to complete it for you, make sure to always highlight your past experiences. The latter matters a lot on LinkedIn. It makes you stand out and gives you that lovely trustworthiness which is so eagerly sought and desired by the business owners and employers. Surely, having determination and being motivated are all good and well, but most frequently, people who exhibit an impressive record of previous employment will have a much higher chance to get noticed and be met with engagement. 

All of the above-mentioned things may seem simple and seemingly self-explanatory, but when you really think them through, you will see that the proper handling of your bio, featuring a presentable picture, knowing which of your summary details to put on the spotlight and working on the visual enhancement of the profile, essentially determine how far you can go with LinkedIn, what degree of engagement is reasonable to expect and how well you do with the potential clients/employers. 

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