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Mobile App Monetization Strategies for 2019


App monetization is the method by which your app becomes a constant source of revenue. This is essential in this day, particularly given the amount of time individuals spend using smartphones and the rate of development in worldwide app income.

Careful Data Monetization

Getting helpful insights into the conduct of your customer and selling this information to other advertisers or significant analytics firms is another excellent way to collect extra revenue from your app. But since this is a hot topic and can put you in a really bad position you have to make sure you are not in breach of any data privacy and liability regulations.


When it comes to gaining income from free applications, advertising stays the number one strategy. If you want to gain money by letting advertisements in your mobile app you can visit this site to learn more about business opportunities. Also if you want to examine a successful mobile advertising report, you can check here. 

Purchasing Merchandise

When it comes to acquisitions, not all of them must be strictly related to virtual goods. Selling merchandise is an intelligent way to secure extra revenue. Customized T-shirts, lunch boxes, mobile phone covers, collectible figures, bumper stickers, posters, tote bags and more could also be sold.

In-App Purchases & Virtual Goods

In-app purchases, particularly for gaming and entertainment applications, are excellent monetizing instruments.  Advertise items, additional content, upgrades, or sophisticated characteristics for a cost to customers while using the app from your company.



There are many options a mobile app owner can use their mobile apps for monetization. We wanted to explain you some trends but you should be searching and updating yourself constantly. Also if you can think of it, there may be new ideas for app monetization that no one tried or applied yet. You can also test your audience and try to understand what they are inclined to buy.

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