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What is Social Media Marketing and How Much Can You Earn from it?

Social Media Marketing is a term used in for promotion of products and brands of social media platforms. You can also refer to this as E-marketing or Digital Marketing, but that implies on all websites, and Social Media Marketing specifically deals with social media websites. This term is fairly common among researchers and analysts. The social media platforms are designed with data analytical tools which trace the success, engagement and clicks of ads and campaigns; and even distinguishes the type of audience e.g. general audience, celebrities, journalists etc. You can regard this as a strategic way of managing a marketing campaign online.


Job Description of a Social Media Marketing Manager

It can be quite confusing to understand the job of a social media marketing manager. The first thing to know is that they are in charge of the company’s online presence. They are responsible for arranging advertisements, analysing the trends in social media, getting cheap instagram followers (be it organic or paid) and to measure the response among different social platforms. The burden of successful engagement of audience with the campaign, attracting potential customers, targeting the right audience, responding to queries and complaints all lies on a social media marketing manager.

To score this job, you need to have an experience of digital marketing first. And that too of almost five years. Along with experience, you need to be a graduate of marketing, communications or any related field. Along with your education, you need to have professional skills like management, communication, organizational skills as well. Learning about social media marketing is a bit different from digital marketing. The tasks for this position are as follows:

  • Develop a marketing plan for social media and execute it successfully.
  • Organize and manage different activities among different locations and departments. Also guide the participants integration along the way.
  • Look out for opportunities that might prove influential for the company. This includes engaging with the audience online, speaking publicly about the strategy of the company.
  • Develop a strategy and set goals for the company’s social media position.
  • Develop a plan for awareness of the brand/product and create a reputation online.
  • Manage the content for social media marketing and any company website.
  • Incorporate SEO techniques in the content and website.


Average Salary of a Social Media Manager

When it comes to discussing intermediate social media marketers, based on an hourly salary, they can make about $50-$100 per hour. But a social media manager can make about $120 or higher per hour. The salary difference depends on your experience and skills, as well as your leadership skills and the ability to connect with the clients.

When it comes to a general estimate of the salaries of social media marketing managers, the average salary is estimated to be around $86 000 annually. The range can vary according to the time invested by the manager in the company, any special skills, promotion, certifications and experience. All this can lead to a bigger numbers for the salary per year. You can learn more about this topic by comparing it to other research numbers.

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