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Old School RuneScape: What You Should Consider Regarding The Sailing Skill

This time around, Jagex with the Old School crew are aiming for the highest stakes possible. This year has brought a lot of fresh and intriguing content, including a complete overhaul involving three of the Wilderness’s biggest enemies, an additional grandmaster quest called Desert Treasure 2, a novel prayer text, a completely novel boss called Phantom Muspah, an update regarding the Woodcutting ability called Forestry, as well as a reprise of the famous Bounty Hunter minigame that has never happened before. Nonetheless, putting new talent on one’s resume is undeniably the icing on the cake. Because this has not taken place in the past of the game’s development, Jagex is employing careful measures to establish a new talent by significantly incorporating the player base in the process.

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The Story

The player base selected sailing as their preferred skill pitch, and as a result, it has been selected as the next skill for Old School RuneScape, and it may enter the beta phases sooner than was originally anticipated. Everyone is now aware of what to anticipate, as well as how the J-mods devote their spare moments working on, as well as what this implies for your user account since their advancement timetable has been published publicly.

The first step that Jagex took was to conduct a survey to see what percentage of the audience desired a new talent. Next, the company solicited a great deal of input from players on what they would anticipate the fresh ability to be. Finally, the company developed three different skill proposals and invited users to vote on which of the three was their favorite.

Following considerable community input, Jagex developed three skill pitches: Taming, Shamanism, and Sailing. A survey was conducted within the community to determine which of the three talents was most widely used, and the results showed that the majority of the participants favored the Sailing talent, with Shamanism coming in a close second.


Next Stage

The sailing ability has now moved on to the next level of advancement, which is the stage of refining. This phase will start within a two-month period of feedback and conversations on four distinct components of the skill involving Jagex as well as the general public. After that, Jagex will integrate user feedback and host a vote before beginning the real development process for the ability in preparation for beta testing.

It has been stated by Jagex that each of the subjects that follow would be extensively explored for around two weeks:

  • Core aspects of the system as well as gameplay cycles
  • Using a map as well as a Sea Scale for navigation
  • Unification of the lore as well as Rewards Space across the whole game

Before beginning these conversations, which are slated to begin in the middle of May, Jagex would first want to gain insight into what the user base anticipates from the skill; thus, they will gather data via a poll in order to get this information.

The purpose of the poll is to learn how the participants now feel about the aforementioned four important issues. This appears in the inquiries that are asked about your previous poll history, including whether or not you answered for or against the first poll that asked if you supported the inclusion of a fresh ability or not. Jagex takes a keen interest in your overall level, the quantity of time you spend each week grinding, whether or not you’re frequently using an Ironman account, including the in-game tasks you like the most. They will also question whether you selected sailing as your favored ability when you were given the option to vote for your preferred ability inside the game.

After this fundamental information has been provided, Jagex will inquire as to the recommended methods of gaming and training for the talent. The team is attempting to determine if the players would want a certain form of training that includes some variants, such as Slayer, or numerous methods of training, such as Hunter.

The survey then goes on to ask questions about a variety of possible training techniques, such as courier trips between ports, slayer chores on islands, or finding and conquering additional islands, before it asks those taking part to assess each activity. You have the option of expressing a strong like, a choice, a disapproval, or an overwhelming distaste with regard to each of them. Additionally, Jagex is interested in knowing the level of difficulty that you like to work at when practicing Sailing.

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