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How to safely ship a laptop or PC by sea?

 To be calm and confident that the laptop or PC will reach you or your recipient in integrity and safety, be sure to insure it. Cargo insurance allows the cargo owner to compensate for losses incurred in case of damage or loss of goods during transportation. Voluntary cargo insurance protects against damage caused by such incidents.


Procedure for the occurrence of an insured event

If damage to the insured electronics is detected during unloading of the vehicle, first, the consignee needs to suspend unloading and immediately inform the insurance company and receive instructions on further actions.

If the cargo is significantly damaged or lost, a surveyor will arrive at the unloading site. A surveyor is an expert who, at the request of the policyholder or the insurer, inspects insured or insured vessels and cargo. The surveyor gives an opinion on the condition of the inspected property, determines the nature and extent of its damage.

If the departure of the surveyor is not required, since the cargo is not significantly damaged, and it is impractical to involve the above-mentioned specialist (but this decision is made not by the consignee, but by the insurance company), you need to take photos of the damaged cargo (preferably at all stages of unloading: in a vehicle, in a warehouse, etc.) and complete the unloading procedure of the vehicle.


The amount of the insurance tariff

The following factors may influence the determination of the insurance rate:

1) Route and distance of transportation;

2) Type of cargo (the tariff for tablet insurance will be higher than the tariff for coaling insurance);

3) Method of transportation (tariffs for air transportation and sea transportation will be different);

4) The number of transshipment (as practice shows, the highest probability of damage or loss of cargo occurs precisely during loading and unloading operations);

5) Selected risks and limits of liability for them (the larger the set of insured risks and the higher the limits of liability, the more expensive the insurance policy will cost. It is possible to insure the cargo only “against total destruction”, it will cost less than insurance “against all risks”. But if you, computer equipment, and it arrived with broken displays, but still arrived – the insurance company will not reimburse anything.).


When concluding an insurance contract “With responsibility for all risks”, insured events are damaged or complete loss of all or part of the cargo that occurred for any reason. Cargo insurance “against all risks” does not cover:

1) Confiscation of goods;

2) Shortage of cargo with the integrity of the package (in this situation, most likely, the sender is to blame for underloading the goods);

3) Damage due to obviously insufficient packaging;

4) Natural damage/loss (rusting and other processes that can occur with computer equipment without external influence).

Documents to be submitted to the insurance company to receive insurance compensation:

– A letter to the insurance company where the cargo is insured, with a brief description of the situation and indicating the amount of the claimed insurance compensation;

– A copy of the order for the organization of cargo delivery;

– A copy of the delivery agreement with the bank’s notes on the registration of the transaction, if necessary, its registration;

– A copy of the invoice for the cargo with the marks of the customs authorities;

– A copy of the packing list for the cargo;

– A copy of the shipping documents along the entire route of the cargo;

– A copy of the act of acceptance of the goods in terms of quantity and quality/a copy of the act of non-preservation of the cargo;

– A copy of the insurance policy or a copy of the voluntary cargo insurance contract;

– A letter on the letterhead of the organization indicating the current account and other bank details to which the insurance indemnity must be transferred;

– Photos of damaged cargo, if any;

– Other documents at the request of the insurance company.

To choose a company for insurance legal support, you should choose shipping centers with high traffic, since these companies will have the richest experience in this field. Such an example could be the UAE. To have permanent legal support for your delivery and to get more information about shipping by sea cargo insurance rules, contact shipping lawyers in Dubai.

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