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Worldwide education systems have increasingly grown bureaucratic and standardized over the years. As these systems have grown, more focus has shifted from practical subjects such as reading and basic math to increasingly niche and complex subjects better suited for people with these specific interests. Because of the complex nature of educational systems and the desire to teach students as much of this information as possible, the focus has shifted to broad standardized testing and a one-size-fits-all approach. This focus has come at the expense of students’ focusing on the basics they need and the things that matter the most to them.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have unwittingly transformed many school districts into virtual learning centers, but this has not slowed the growth of this phenomenon. High-quality digital testing platforms have been on the rise for years, and in many cases, this has exacerbated the phenomenon we mention above. We see this continuing for many years to come, again at the expense of students’ focus on the basic subjects they need and their own personal academic interests.

We founded in casti de copiat in 2000 once we determined there was demand in the marketplace for specific tools to deal with these types of problems. We noticed many students were hitting a wall and become increasingly frustrated, so we came to help! For 20 years we’ve offered a variety of products specifically designed to help you with these academic frustrations.

We have a large number of products specifically designed to help you through these situations. Here, we go into our most popular products. These are broken into two categories: audio products and visual products. We also offer combo kits that allow you to take advantage of the benefits of both audio and visuals:

Our Spy Invisible Earpiece line helps you by providing an audio solution to your testing issues. We offer a BlueTooth with an MC-2000 Micro-Headset that is compatible with all cell phone models. It features an Automatic Answer to Call and an option to Call the Last Number on your list without needing to use your phone. It also has an inductor necklace (which you can speak into) and a performance microphone.

We also offer a GSM Box with Invisible Micro Earpiece, which is the most advanced non-wired option for exam cheating. We recommend this system for tougher exams where you’re not allowed to bring a phone in the room. It’s the size of a match box, works in any GSM network, and is completely undetectable.

Our visual solutions are top-notch as well! We offer the PX-100 Mini Button Camera, which allows you to send exam topics in real-time. Small and easy-to-hide, you’ll never have to whisper in the middle of an exam again, because the camera automatically sends topic images to those who are helping you! Your help must have a mobile phone or tablet that will receive the live video you send during your exam

Our PX-700 Pro Xtreme camera is similar but even better! Like its predecessor, it is also capable of sending live images, but from both a sheet of paper AND an LCD monitor. The latest and most advanced video camera system of its kind, we highly recommend this product for the tougher exams where distance between you and your recipient is even greater (data can be transferred across countries! – the previous model has a max range of 50-100 meters).

Need audio and video together? Look no further than our combo kit with the GSM Box and the PX-700 Camera! Now being sold together, you’ll be able to benefit from both the image-sending capabilities and the GSM box to receive test answers and information back from your recipient. It’s perfect for both classic paper exam and for exams that are conducted via an LCD monitor. As mentioned above, the PX-700 allows you to be communicating with a person from anywhere in the world, even in a different country! As long as they have a computer, laptop, or tablet, they’ll be able to help you out with this incredible product solution.

We want to emphasize that the product line isn’t designed to help you cheat your way through school. It’s designed specifically to address and mitigate the many issues we’ve seen that are endemic to bureaucratic school systems and their standardized testing measures. We’ve seen firsthand how these well-intentioned systems tend to work against student interest. We’re here to help you through these issues in any way we can.

Take a look around our website, and please let us know if you have any questions at all! The website has a Live Chat Online Support System available on both Facebook’s Messenger app and the Skype app. We’re available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week! If you purchase a copying system, you’ll also get complete access to a product support specialist that will assist you with setup and any other issues you have along the way.

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