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4 Uses of Rubber Stoppers

Are you looking for a sealant for your laboratory flasks?

Either you can have a permanent solution of chemical sealants; glue etc. or you can place rubber plugs or stoppers as temporary sealants.

Rubber plugs can be used for various products.

They provide tighter sealing as compared to other methods.

Therefore, best to use for liquids especially.

In this article, I will tell you what rubber stoppers are and four uses of rubber stoppers.

Let’s find out.

What are Rubber Stoppers?

Rubber stopper is a small piece made of rubber that can be placed in holes for sealing, isolation, and protection. Rubber stopper is also commonly known as rubber plugs, cork, caps, silicone plugs, etc. These plugs are used in various industries including, automobiles, machinery, electronics, etc. For example, silicone plugs are mostly used in medical and cosmetic industries as silicone is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, suitable for human contact. In laboratories, the rubber stopper is used to seal the opening of test flasks, tubes, and other types of glassware. The laboratory rubber stopper is also called a rubber bung plug.

4 Uses of Rubber Stoppers

1.   Commercial Applications

In terms of commercial application, it can be used as a bumper to prevent damages and scratches. They are placed under the feet of chairs and other furniture to prevent scratches on the floor and also keep the furniture intact on its place. These rubber stoppers are also used as door stoppers. The soft material of rubber will not leave a mark on the wall even if the door hits the wall. Plumbers also use rubber plugs to cover holes and prevent spillage and flooding.

2.   Industrial Applications

The factories seal their containers with rubber stoppers to keep the moisture and temperature levels steady in the containers. A rubber cork has properties that can endure extreme temperatures and chemical substances because it can resist tearing.

3.   Chemical Applications

Chemicals used in manufacturing industry are hazardous and extremely harmful if comes in contact with skin. Therefore, it is extremely important that containers carrying these chemicals must be secure and tightly sealed, both for storing and handling them. Also, some chemicals might be hazardous if they come in contact with the air. So, rubber plugs keeps the chemicals from reacting with the environment.

4.   Scientific Applications

Rubber stoppers prevent contaminants from entering the container so that the results are pure. For the scientific applications, the rubber stopper with hole usually has one or two holes from which the scientist can insert a thermometer or other tools to examine the liquid inside.

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