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5 Warning Signs Indicating Bad SEO Companies to Do Business With

Making a sizable business investment in local SEO? Good call, but have you taken note of how many frauds and plain incompetent companies are out there, just looking to siphon off money from clients without generating value? In this article, we are highlighting five telltale signs typical of an SEO company which is not up to the mark:


Tall Promises Made In the Absolute Terms 

“The best ranking”, “guaranteed 1st-page rank”, “100% maximized visibility”– these are some of the absolute sounding phrases you should be wary of when on the look-out for an SEO partner to your business. These less than honest marketers are laying bait for searchers like you, without revealing the whole truth about what is going to rank on the first page. 

Remember, not just anything that has to do with your business brought to greater visibility can translate into larger sales for your enterprise. Regardless of driving quality traffic or transformation of leads into revenue, there is no value to arbitrary first-page rankings. 

There’s a pattern to this mischief, and this is how it is going to unfold-

  • The SEO Company will get you to discuss your site through attractive ads promising a free audit or something about the Google search algorithm that you should be aware of when optimizing the visibility of your page. They will, for sure, promise to prize you page 1 ranking after fixing something on your website to fit the bills of Google. 
  • Since not many entrepreneurs understand the complete ins and outs of how SEO works, it is easy to lure them in with the promise of 1st page, top-tier rankings through fixing apparent glitches that you might have on your website. However, if the glitch they are describing is not eligible to you in layman’s terms, know better not to hire them!
  • When hired, in a few weeks, you can find a handful of your keywords reach Page 1– supposedly they have fulfilled their claims and that thrills you to no limits!
  • A month goes by and the Page 1 rankings continue, but no business takes place. Leads- zero, rankings- sky high. 
  • Investigate, and you will see the supposed keywords you have “winning” are of no value as far generating leads to your business is concerned. At this point, rest assured, a typically frauding SEO company will ask you to wait and be patient, and that business is just around the corner. This is your cue to cancel all engagements with such a company.

Honest companies just don’t make claims that high! You would know you are in for a dupe when a one hundred per cent guarantee is given for generating leads because Google Algorithm is an inscrutable AI-controlled equation that’s hard to keep track of.

 The algorithm is a complex equation that changes every nanosecond. It draws information from the search habits of people and modifies search results accordingly. A 100 % guarantee of working out SEO strategies according to Google algorithm is a myth!


Outrageous Request for Full Access to Data

“Torture the data, and it will confess to anything”– you must understand that something is wrong when the SEO company, the service of which you enlisted, wants access to all of your data. This is a trap in the guise of the procedure. Full control over your login details, reports, and data handed over to the outsourced SEO team would mean a restriction on your decision anytime you may feel the necessity to annul the professional agreement you have with the company.

When incompetent SEO companies fail to show results and reach the verge of losing clientele, they hold confidential data and login details hostage to keep on wrenching out revenue from them. It is not uncommon for these issues to escalate into legal disputes that get stretched out for months on end. Some entrepreneurs have also suffered having to drop off their existing business sites and create new tracking codes.

A good SEO Company will not demand your login details and data for some time until trust has been built on both sides. We understand that the whole point of channelling out SEO work to a professional company is to have more time for other engagements but it is probably best for entrepreneurs to not give away sensitive data to their SEO handler in the initial stages and therefore having to stay personally engaged with SEO work.


Citing Out of Date Success Stories or Other Unverifiable Claims 

Has the SEO company of your choice given you a PowerPoint presentation bragging of their diverse successes? Make sure these success stories are not from unverifiable sources or based on achievements dated back a long time. 

SEO is a constantly evolving field and it won’t do to employ the same strategies that a company had some success with, in the year 2001!


Always Focusing on ‘Keywords’ and ‘Rankings’ than ‘Leads’ and ‘Sales’

Are you tired of hearing your SEO company mention their success in the speaking keywords and bringing your page at the forefront of search engine generations? It is possible that they are trying to sidetrack the importance of ‘leads’ here and it is how much leads are directed to your website which actually and eventually generates into sales.

Funny thing, when investigated as to why their websites are not getting enough leads even though page rankings are keyword rankings have been spotless according to reports, entrepreneurs have found out the reports by their SEO companies are completely misleading! 

Say, for example, your product is a sedan car which suffered immensely low sales in July 2019 but your SEO company gives you a report of rankings for your site based on the search phrase– “red sedan in Utah” which is better than what rankings were during the July of 2015! If rankings do not translate into more leads and sales, what is even the point?


No Regard for Other Channels of Hiking up Rankings Except for ‘Organic Search’

SEO companies must do more than working with optimized content. From email marketing, content strategizing, and A/B testing– it is all in the SEO domain. If an SEO agency is denying all the tasks for utilizing all of these digital advertising opportunities, don’t work with it.

Good luck to you in landing a good and fair Search Engine Optimization partner!

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