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How to convert your dining room into a home office during this pandemic

For most people, working at home and being away from the workplace environment has come as a bit of a culture shock.

From being able to look over your colleagues’ work station, meeting at the canteen or laughing at the office banter, everything we took for guaranteed has now gone.

And to be quite frank, we are not sure when we will get it back, or wherever it will be the same again.

However, wherever you are an office clerk or a self-employed digital marketer, you still have to work, and the best way to be productive is to have a home working environment.

You need a place you can carry on with work tasks as efficient as possible.

Some people might have a small box room or a spare room converted to an office. But what happens when multiple people are working from home?

Or if the kids need space for schooling too?

This article gives you some tips on converting your dining space into a perfect temporary office, with dining room tables as desks, sideboards as cabinets and more!


Top 5 reasons why Dining rooms make great offices.

Trust me, I should know, from someone who has wandered between the living room and lounge, bedrooms and the hallway, from the front room to the garden, I have discerned that the dining room offers the best bet as a temporary office.

First and foremost, the dining table is usually spacious enough to hold a laptop, desktop computer, and printer when needed.

If you have a wooden dining table

And space is imperative.

Everything you need to work with has to be in front of you, at an easily reachable distance.

Secondly, it is the perfect height. Dining tables are designed to be the right height for eating posture, which is very similar to a desk’s height.

So using a keyboard or laptop should be a comfortable experience, without any aches or pain.

Thirdly, like most dining spaces, it has enough natural and synthetic lights to allow the environment to be just suitable for a work setting.

There is nothing worse than a dim or poorly lit room when trying to knock out some data entry.

Fourthly, there are usually enough sockets for all work stations and other equipment.

Fifthly, the wifi is usually still strong here. And if not, you can always buy an AP or wifi booster to help the wifi range at a reasonable cost.

Sixthly, now you may not have drawers nor shelves, but you can buy portable ones that can easily fit underneath the table.

You could also use your sideboards!

Some tips on maintaining your dining room office.

Like a real office, you will need a few extra accessories to keep your dining office organised, clutter-free, and workable.


Thus, consider the following:

Cable organisers: You might already have some, but if not, cable organisers are a great help in keeping your wires and cables out of sight and in a neat manner.

Paper trays:  For storing your paperwork, essential tasks, and accessing other information, you need quickly at hand.

Table cloths or cardboard: To slide in beneath your workstations and laptops. This helps prevent wear and tear on your dining table and can help reduce scratches.

Tissue rolls and cleaning spray: A the end of the day, you are still suing the dining area, so there is a good chance that you will still be using your dining table for snacks, drinks and other edibles.

So, just in case there is an accident, keep cleaning equipment close to reduce and effects of spills or long term damage to your equipment.



Whatever the case is with workplaces’ future, organising your dining room as a home office is a perfect way to keep yourself motivated and in the work frame of mind whenever you need to work from home.

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