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Dell XPS13 Laptop Review

  • Dell XPS 13
    Dell XPS13 Laptop Review
  • Dell XPS 13
    Dell XPS13 Laptop Review
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    Dell XPS13 Laptop Review
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    Dell XPS13 Laptop Review
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    Dell XPS13 Laptop Review
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    Dell XPS13 Laptop Review
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    Dell XPS13 Laptop Review
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    Dell XPS13 Laptop Review
  • Dell XPS13 Laptop Review

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If you are looking for a new Windows laptop, one that is light in weight and small with good performance and nice screen, then Dell XPS13 should be your priority. It can be said that there are though some other finer options but XPS13 is in a way a winner with very less flaws to talk about. So in case you are a traveller who considers size as a priority, this laptop is just the right one for you. This is because the brand has managed well to cram the 13 inch notebook in an 11 inch one. It has been made possible by trimming bezel around its display. More so, being just 0.2 inches in thickness i.e. less than even half of what you generally find on other notebooks out there.


Let’s start with the design first. Unlike the previous XPS13 versions, the latest model has aluminium. Carbon fibre is used for deck that not just looks great but is also comfortable on the wrist.


Talking about the general features, there is the single surface touchpad, a lot of connectivity, proper processor, full HD display and backlit keyboard.

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Durability and Security

The machined aluminium construction on the laptop means that the XPS13 is actually precision cut from single aluminium block to offer a sturdy and very durable chassis.


Due to the fact that the chassis is compact, the keyboard is tight but the company has done a nice job when it comes to laying it out in a way that as you get used to using the keyboard, it works just like a full sized keyboard.

The keys are very responsive and nice and have decent space and are also silent when used. This keyboard is even backlit that allows you to easily toggle between the brightness levels. Even the carbon fibre surround makes truly extended typing sessions a comfortable job.

  • Light in weight
  • Vibrant display
  • Compact and light to handle
  • Appealing and sleep design
  • High contrast matte display

  • Battery life is a bit shot than the previous models
  • SSD recorded slow write rate

Display and Audio

The touch display is optional and lets you naturally interact with latest technology just like you are used to with the tablet or phone. Just enjoy Adobe software, apps and OS just on your fingertips. Deep blacks, vivid reds, luscious greens and pure whites are what that you will enjoy from XPS13’s display.

If you’re in the market for a new Windows laptop… this should absolutely be on your short list – Engadget

But the main difference between non touch version of XPS13 is the fact that it has full HD screen i.e. 1920 x 1080p whereas the one with touch screen has quad HD display i.e. 3200 x 1800p. This simply means that the non touch one has lower resolution than the touch screen version. We have even found that the 1080p display is more than enough and it utilizes less of power than the high resolution panels.

It’s very easy that you might miss XPS13’s stereo speakers when you pick them up. The speakers are nestled on either of the sides of the laptop and towards the front in which the chassis are narrow. While audio may seem to be like an afterthought, you will be happy to know that it is good and in fact among one of the best in the class.

Ports and Webcam

For the very first time on XPS13, Dell has included the SD card slot that helps people to transfer pictures from the cameras. One of design scarifies that Dell had to make for keeping the XPS13’s bezel thin was that it actually moved webcam to lower left side of screen. Dell XPS13 has 2 USB 3.0 ports, SD card slot, 3.5mm headset jack and mini Display port for the videos. Other connections can be had through the optional USB dongle.

Talking about webcam, it is basically positioned in odd place i.e. under the screen on left side as there is no space for it in thin bezel around the display. The angle from webcam is thus less flattering.


Dell XPS13 is compact and lightweight laptop with 13 inches screen in body of 11 inches laptop. It is highly portable, well built and utilizes premium quality materials. Its bezel less design appeals a lot and that too when compared with larger bezels on other laptops like MacBook Air. Performance wise it is good and its keyboard as well as touchpad is amazing.


The non touch version has same Intel HD Graphics 5500 GPU like the touch version and so it is not at all surprising that they have similar graphics. This GPU suffices for almost daily tasks however falls short when you try to game past the medium settings. As with many other laptops with this chip, XPS13’s performance is a bit weak when we compare it with the machines that are powered by dedicated graphics card.

Battery Life

As per one’s usage pattern, the company says that you can enjoy up to 15 hours battery life with full HD display and about 11 hours with 3200 x 1800 touch panel. As the laptop is light weight and slim, the key to good portable is the battery life and as the XPS13 has a nice battery, it is not as great as the other competitors out there.

Software and Warranty

Dell XPS13 is there with pre installed Windows 8.1. The laptop comes with precision touchpad from Microsoft and works well within the Windows. Apart from standard scrolling through swiping just two fingers down/up or left/right and pinch for zooming, it even includes 2 nice and easy to use shortcuts i.e. swipe in from right for Charms menu and swipe in from left for apps menu.

The company keeps bloat ware to minimum on XPS13. The only third party pre installed applications in the laptop are Dropbox and Skype. Buyers looking forward to get the XPS13 will enjoy 1 year premium phone support as well as 1 year in home service after the remote diagnosis. There is even 1 year limited hardware warranty and accidental damage service that covers the chances of spills and drops.

So, in all, it can be said that the Dell XPS13 is a decent laptop for the amount charged. You can read customer reviews online and make a decision whether to go for this laptop or not.

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