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Learn about VPN in three minutes


If you search VPN on google, you may see a lot of articles about VPN Service Review. You may be curious what exactly is vpn and what functions does vpn have? The following will introduce vpn in detail for you.


What is VPN?

The network connection and the transmission of information can only be carried out by the so-called IP address. An IP address is like an address or an email. When you want to send a message to another computer or website, it depends on the IP address to deliver it correctly.

The principle of VPN operation is that when users want to connect to the Internet, they connect through the VPN server instead of directly connecting to the website that you want to go to, and the website information is also sent to the user’s computer through the VPN server. In this process , VPN will encrypt the user’s data, so the user’s IP address, location, and online activities will be protected.


Functions of VPN

Using VPN service will bring a lot of benefits. First of all, your IP address will not be revealed. Also, all of your online activities and personal information will be encrypted, this can greatly reduce the chances of you becoming a target of a scam group especially when you use the public wifi. Moreover, many people work from home now, using VPN services will prevent the company’s confidential information from being stolen by hackers.


There are many companies that provide VPN services on the market. I recommend you to read professional websites or blogs on the Internet. They will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of various VPNs in detail, and also conduct speed tests. It will help you more efficiently choose the most suitable VPN for the area you are located.

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