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New Facebook Tools just like AI

Facebook has been introducing some new features every year to help their users with their overall experience, advertising experience, to market the content and other usability features. In this year, Facebook has introduced new tools that are very important for the users. These tools are based on Artificial Intelligence which helps the e-commerce experience and the overall marketing features. These Artificial Intelligence features helps the users to sell their products. For example, if a user runs a furniture business, when he uploads anything the AI will detect the picture and will tell the user the category of that item and along with that the price range will also be shown. The price range will be compared with the items in their data base which have been sold across the Facebook market and according to that it will help the user to set a price tag which will be easy to sell their products. These tools are learning on their own with the users’ data on the marketing and according to that it is building up a model that enables the best experience for the users in marketing activity.

With this Artificial Intelligence experience data keeps on improving for the marketing experience to get better. There is also another feature that is brought up by Artificial Intelligence is the editing of photos specifically the lighting of the products’ pictures. Through Artificial Intelligence the lighting of the pictures is set so that the products are more visible to the followers on Instagram. To get more audience, buy real Instagram followers and let your followers to select there desired package. There are also suggested replies if there is one on one conversation going on between the buyer and the seller, if the buyer likes the products then the suggested products will be appeared to his or her timeline otherwise there will be no more products appeared related to that specific type.

The marketing features are just like Amazon marketing features with more improvements in the Facebook end along with that the categorization of the pictures according the type of products, this feature has been adapted by the Pinterest. With all these features combined the Facebook marketing tool is a well-established tool that can change the way of doing marketing and advertising the products and services.

If we talk about other products like vehicles and electronic products Facebook has been adding difference sections for these as there are many users who have been marketing and advertising these products, so it will be easy for the users to have their own section which will allow them different options to sell their products making their advertising life a lot easier. There are also many other rumors going on with this e-commerce system which will allow the users to have the best experience to get out there in this mufti-dimensional platform. With the help of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence this system will keep on evolving to be better than before. These main features are adding and removal of content, more robust tools and also the buyer and seller ratings that helps a lot in doing the e-commerce business.

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