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Sustaining a business in the time of COVID-19

The novel corona virus pandemic has caused an enormous shift in how we go about our daily lives. With travel sanctions and quarantine in place, physical retail has been shut down. In these uncertain times, E-commerce plays a crucial part in sustaining business visibility and health.

With an enormous shift to online retail and sales, with an increase of up to 30% of online traffic it is imperative to ensure that a solid online marketing strategy is in place. This means reassessing your business module and encouraging creative ways to help sustain your business.


Reassess your business goals

The disrupted marketing landscape means it’s imperative to reassess your business goals and make sure they are relevant in today’s climate. Businesses need to redefine their relevance by asking questions like – what does the customer need and how can you help them. These questions will lead you to set new goals and come up with creative solutions to sustain your business.


Encourage online retail

With quarantine in place, people are trying to self-isolate in order to minimize the spread of the virus. This forms a crucial gap to make sure you encourage online sales by establishing interesting ways to market your product. You can offer multiple discounts as a creative solution or formulate campaigns that reward online shoppers.


Analyze online traffic

With online traffic escalating with an enormous speed it is important to be able to regulate, analyze and report online traffic habits. Owning actionable data about online consumers and using marketing automation technology is the key to lead your business out of these uncertain times. You should monitor and use online habits as information to redefine your marketing strategy.

Inbound marketing Strategy:

Now is the perfect time to reevaluate and consequently redefine your inbound marketing strategy. This means exercising SEO driven search engines including voice recognition – streamlining your websites, chat bots, live customer assistance – updating FAQs and online content ensuring that it stays relevant in today’s time.

Consider hosting webinars and increase social media engagement:

Social media engagement can play an exclusive part in sustaining and promoting your business ethically in these uncertain times. Try hosting webinars that not only help educate your consumers about the product you’re selling but also encourages a healthier online/offline lifestyle. Be empathetic with your consumer by taking creative measures to reinvent online marketing while establishing a good audience engagement through social media.

While nobody is sure what a post-coronavirus world would like, one thing is for certain, that digital marketing has become ever more resourceful.  In times like these it is important to use the digital frontier and equip your business with the right tools to keep moving forward. By constantly reinventing digital content and equipping it with creative solutions, using data analysis technologies businesses can redefine, reinvent and take steps in the right direction. While the world is at a standstill and people are trying to stay away, use the digital frontier to bring them together – bridge that gap and help them stay connected.

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