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What To Post On Instagram To Increase Engagement Rate?


Do you want to increase the flow of customers from Instagram, attract users’ attention to your project, find clients, or develop a personal brand? To do this, you need to involve the audience in the interaction. If your material engages users and helps them figure something out, they turn into regular subscribers. They start sharing your posts with friends. As a result, this increases engagement rate and Instagram reach. It follows from this that the more active followers you have, the more of them turn from subscribers into customers.

In this article, we will focus on the main ways to increase the engagement rate of your account. The tips are suitable for personal blogs and business accounts promoting their product or brand. Let’s go!


Tip 1. Mix Content

Regardless of your account type, followers love diversity. You can’t publish only useful posts forever — sooner or later, they will become out of followers’ interest. If you don’t want to spoil your Instagram feed with off-top, Reels and Stories will come to the rescue.

For instance, you sell equipment for tourists and publish products, special offers, and reviews in your account. That’s great! But you can increase engagement rate if, for example, give some practical tips to tourists such as “How to rent a car abroad?”, “What nuances do you need to know when renting a car?”, “Which company provides services for SUV rent Dubai?”, “How to choose the best car rental company?”, etc. These titles are just samples. Mix useful and entertaining content, experiment, and you will see what exactly your users like. And, of course, don’t forget about the contests and giveaways.

Tip 2. Post Regularly

No matter how good and high-quality your content is, no one has canceled the technical part and Instagram algorithms. Check your account stats and see what times your audience is most active. As in long-distance travel, good preparation is needed. To make everything go smoothly, you need to prepare a content plan in advance. Try to post at the same time and on the same day. Then social network algorithms will help in promoting your publications, and, accordingly, your account and brand. Also, keep an eye on the uniqueness and quality of your content.


Tip 3. Active Interaction

This advice is as old as the world, but not all bloggers and business accounts use it. And here’s the thing. The more actively and better you interact with your audience, the better the response and the higher engagement. Reply to subscribers, ask them questions yourself, post interactive Stories, don’t ignore reviews and comments, make live streams on various topics, and so on. The best customer is a loyal customer. And you can increase this loyalty with constant interaction.


Tip 4. Be Trendy

Every day, the world of social networks surprises us with a variety of trends and challenges. Your task is to keep up with the times. If you like some kind of challenge or trend and think your audience will like it, then go for it! We are sure subscribers will appreciate your efforts, especially if you add creativity. Moreover, don’t forget to use hashtags. They will help increase your reach and even attract a new audience.


Tip 5. Pay Attention To The Visuals

This point is also neglected by many bloggers. As a result, they wonder why the number of subscribers is decreasing, not growing. The fact is that you can increase engagement rate simply with high-quality visuals. And the point here is not only in the design of the entire account and properly selected filters. The quality of photos and videos also plays a significant role. A low-quality image, a badly shot video, a lack of stabilization, and ridiculous effects can turn your potential client away. Therefore, don’t spare money for good software and equipment. In the modern world, content and its quality have a strong influence on your company’s success.



Today, Instagram has become one of the most influential online platforms through which people communicate, build brands, sell, and turn it into a source of passive income. Be modern, follow trends, and create high-quality, dynamic, and accessible content for any user. Don’t forget to add subtitles to your videos and hashtags to your posts.


We wish you the best of luck and improve the engagement rate quickly!



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