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Top 5 Best Laptops For PowerPoint Presentations – 2021

If you are in business, a presentation is probably a standard part of your visual communication. It’s what your team members use to illustrate marketing campaigns to their groups. In other applications, presentations are necessary for attracting prospects, building pipelines, and closing deals. 

As the focus on presentations continues to grow, so does supporting software like PowerPoint. It’s now common for businesses to create product relationship diagrams through Venn diagram templates

Companies that create flyers and brochures are now using Google Slides Themes to present their topics. By using presentable templates, businesses can communicate their ideas in a visually attractive way.

But, as you appreciate the technology that makes the presentation possible, it’s essential to highlight the most basic tool – the laptop. The final outcome of your design entirely relies on the laptop you use. If you have the right laptop for the job, you’ll deliver high-quality graphics that keep your audience glued to your presentation. 


The Best Laptops for PowerPoint Presentations

Presentations are supposed to reduce the monotony of plain, boring texts. Your laptop should make it easy to deliver appealing visuals in the most engaging ways.

If you are looking for the best laptops for PowerPoint presentations, here are our best picks.


  • Dell XPS 13



  • Intel Core i7-7500U Processor
  • 4 GB DDR3L RAM
  • 128 GB SSD

Dell XPS 13 is a winner when it comes to stunning displays and portability. It is incredibly convenient if your work involves moving from one location to another. With its light weight of 2.6lbs, you will find the laptop reliable when working in and out of the office. 

Its 13-inch display, fitted in an 11-inch body, is also something you will find interesting. Since the display and body use infinity-edge technology, the Dell XPS 13 has such a vibrant and bright display. For PowerPoint presentations, this is a win in all aspects.

When it comes to storage, this laptop has enough of it. With 4GB DDR3 RAM and 128GB SSD, you are sure to store as many presentations as you wish. The laptop also has a solid-state drive memory of up to 2TB that enables your system to boot and resume in seconds.

Its battery life is also excellent. You can cover up to 15 hours of battery life with a full HD display. If you are using a 3200 x 1800 touch display, your approximate battery time is around 11 hours. 

Not much can be said against this laptop except that there are other Dell laptops with better battery life than Dell XPS 13.


  • HP EliteBook Folio 1020



  • Core M
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD memory

HP EliteBook Folio 1020 is a 12.5-inch laptop with 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD memory. An exciting feature about this laptop is its ability to withstand harsh conditions. It’s convenient in chilly, dusty areas, extremely hot, or areas experiencing sudden changes in temperature.

It’s a sturdy laptop with advanced security features. It has a fingerprint option that ensures secure access to your device. If you are an authorized user, the laptop allows you to restrict access to specific hardware. 

Another unique security feature is that you must input a unique master password when signing in, despite having several passwords on your device. Access to other websites can also be set to allow authorization through a fingerprint. This means that the regular typing of passwords is reduced because of the fingerprint option. 

The challenge with this laptop is its weak battery. Compared to other batteries, its stand time of 8 hours is less than other laptops like the Lenovo ThinkPad. The battery life may not seem problematic, but considering its high-class features, it should be better.


  • Apple MacBook Air



  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 128 GB SSD

PowerPoint presentations on Apple MacBook Air laptops are fantastic. From crisp-clear images to eye-catching graphics, everything falls in place with this laptop. And thanks to its high speeds, this laptop is well-built for creating outstanding presentations. 

This 13.3-inch, with a resolution of 2560 x1600, offers excellent displays. Its storage of up to 16GB and 256GB SSD delivers high speeds for efficient presentations. Its battery life is also a plus, with up to 11 hours of active time. 

The downside with this laptop is compatibility. Apple has strict restrictions on software, WIFI, and applications that run on all their products. Because of these restrictions, it may take some time to discover templates that you may or may not use in your PowerPoint presentations.


  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 YOGA



  • Intel Core i5 or i7 processor
  • 8GB
  • 256GB SSD

PowerPoint presentations are all about the appeal, and the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga covers it all. The laptop has impressive color and resolution in both HD and OLED models. Not only is the laptop eye-catching, but its functionality is boosted by the Intel Core i5 or i7 processor. Its 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD also offers enough storage for massive presentations.

More fascinating is its 360 degree flip screen. This allows you to convert the laptop to a tablet through the retracting of the keyboard. The touch screen of this laptop is also impressive. It has several touchpoints with exceptional sensitivity that allow you to deliver presentations with ease.

Its battery life is also excellent, with up to 11 hours on a full HD screen and 9 hours on an OLED screen. Its 52 watt-hours internal battery has placed it in a similar category with Dell laptops, which are appreciated for convenient battery life. 

There aren’t any specific downsides to this laptop. But if you look closely at the features, you’ll notice that operating a 14-inch laptop as a tablet is quite a task. It’s not easy holding the tablet with your wrist, especially if you are using one hand for the presentation.


  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4



  • Intel Core M Processor
  • 128 GB SSD

The most exciting part about the  Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is how excellent it is at multitasking. You can open several applications on the laptop, and that still won’t slow down the processes. This is because the laptop has a strong processor that’s built to withstand massive loads. Better still is the 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space that allows you to keep massive data.

Its touchscreen is also impressive. It uses a digital pen that allows you to write, erase, and draw with much ease. Since presentations are mostly about visuals, this laptop will serve the purpose of delivering content with the best results.

A point of concern with this laptop is the price. A comparison with similar versions like the Surface Pro 3 indicates that it costs higher. But considering all the beautiful features for this device, the price may be the last thing on your mind. 


There you have it—the five best laptops for your PowerPoint presentations. If you are looking for performance, durability, and appeal, the above laptops are your best choice. The laptops come with unique features that give you the most appealing visuals for PowerPoint presentations.

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