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Toshiba Satellite C50-BCNTN01 Review

We get for testing one standard notebook from the Japanese company, Toshiba Satellite R50-BCNTN01. We like its appearance and elegant work, so that we are confident that it will have a lot of fans.

The Japanese company is very proud of its new laptop. The laptop is from the famous series, Satellite, a standard design and solid hardware configuration that is capable of doing whatever it takes, these are characteristics with which we briefly can describe this great model.

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The company made the effort and did a great job with a battery which now lasts even longer, so that it will easily withstand the most demanding working day. Thanks to its size and weight, and solid chassis, it will be easily placed in any handbag or backpack and transferred from the one location to another and to work where and when you want, or enjoy in multimedia.

We don’t have doubts that many who read this will have desire to get this laptop, which is completely normal, but the test will reveal everything you need to know in order to decide to buy or not this notebook.

  • Big and comfortable keyboard
  • A lot of ports for connecting peripherals
  • Impressive low price
  • Long battery life
  • Minimum heat

  • Non-Touchscreen
  • Low image quality of the display


Housing is plastic and completely black, even the keyboard and should be thinner with regard to the current trend that is to make a thinner laptop. When you pick it up, you will feel that it is housing a little fragile, crispy. Basically we can say that the external appearance of this notebook is very simple. Perhaps one color more would give it a little more modern look.


We can say that the screen is a standard 15.6-inch (39.6 centimeter) Toshiba TruBrite WSVGA TFT display with LED backlight and HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It’s about an older TN matrix that is not wide-angle, and while you watching the screen from the side you will see-iridescent, and with a view of the above it’s brighter and darker from the below. But the work is very pleasant and doesn’t bother your eyes, but due to the smooth, shiny surface is recommended to use it while turned away from the light source. Of course, it isn’t touch screen, and it is something that we miss. Above the screen is HD Web Camera with built-in microphone, so it works fine for video conferencing such as Skype and similar programs.

Keyboard and touchpad

We have already mentioned that the keys are black with white letters. It has backlit buttons for very fine work, as we were pleasantly surprised. Also, sufficiently spaced apart from each other so that the error when typing text will be minimal. The keys are a very short walk and hard enough to feel them when working. Also, Toshiba puts the numeric keypad, which always comes in handy, and a number of gaming controls on it. All in all, the work on this keyboard will be quite comfortable, which is commendable for such a cheap model.

The touchpad is large and spacious and is located just below the keyboard. Black in color, as well as a resting place for the hands, and the whole environment around the keyboard. It has a slightly rough surface slightly lower than the environment and very responds well to commands. Of course it supports multitouch, so you can scroll on the screen, zoom in and out, rotate, and perform other multitouch functions. The “click” is a little bit louder, but no matter.

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The hardware configuration is quite interesting. Toshiba Satellite R50-BCNTN01 notebook runs on Intel Celeron Processor N2830 on 2.16 GHz, and up to 2.41 GHz thanks to Intel Burst Technology 2.0. This laptop doesn’t have an extra graphic so it relies on the integrated Mobile Intel® HD Graphics. You will be able to run some graphically less demanding games, but do not expect much.

The model we got to test have 2 GB DDR3 RAM (1333 MHz) expandable up to 8 GB, and a 500 GB hard disk drive (HDD) that rotates at 5400 rev / min, and we can’t forget that there is no Super Multi DVD optical drive but it can be purchased separately.

Due to the hardware configuration, the laptop works better than what we expected. We thought that the Celeron processor may be a little slow at work, but we haven’t seen that, at least not that we expected much. Even it is the classic HDD, it doesn’t significantly slowing down the machine, all in the normal range. All in all, we are satisfied with the work of the hardware.

Audio / Video

We tried a number of tracks on the Toshiba Satellite C50 built-in stereo speakers and concluded that’s pretty strong. Maybe it could have a little more depth, we would not be able to find any objections. However, in this class of laptops, it is one of the better sound system and we have a feeling that you will not need an additional speakers.

The same is for enjoying in movies, the sound is clear and strong, and we are very pleased. Due to TN screen, we recommend that films to be “exported” via the HDMI video output to a TV.


Given the price of this device, it is one standard laptop, with more variations. For the start, there is a Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n (up to 150 Mb / s), then Bluetooth 4.0, and a wired LAN RJ-45 network port (speed: 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX).

In addition to the two standard USB 2.0 ports, there’s also a USB 3.0 port with the always useful USB Sleep-and-Charge function. There are also VGA and HDMI video outputs. Overall, the Toshiba Satellite C50-BCNTN01 is a communication “classic”.


The battery is also something that users will appreciate. The combined work should work around up to 8 hours (specification), but we are on a single charge lasted more than 7 hours, which is quite good. Even the hardware configuration is quite economical, so that the battery will prove its capability.


Toshiba Satellite C50-BCNTN01 is very stable in the work and reliable laptop, but the abilities and low-cost design are, a little bit, disappointing.

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